Virtual Bear Hugger

Quarantined, isolated, getting told false information-Did this already happen to you or your child? Currently, we are unfortunately in lockdown, because of the COVID-19 outbreak. People could get told false information, which might make them feel really worried about it. That’s why me, Nadia Borek. I will represent a new product which I like naming

The Write-y Bag

While in isolation, families have been divided. heartbroken, lonely, and miserable – should they really be like this? Their phones are broken and have absolutely no way of communicating with each other. Or do they? Introducing the Write-y bag. My name is Sarah Ziemian, and I have designed the Write-y bag. 68% of the world

The phone moderate

What is it? Heartbroken, upset, and devastated – Is there something wrong? Across the UK and other parts of the globe, families, and friends have been split up due to this pandemic outbreak. Although people have to do this from not risking their lives, lots of them feel left out when relatives pass away. When

Ruben’s Talking Transporter

Talking Transporter Sadness, isolation and loneliness – is that what you hear and feel everyday? Everyone is in lockdown… Families separated, friends separated and old people alone. How are you going to communicate and trade objects with friends? My name is Ruben and I have the right solution! My “Talking Transporter” has been designed for