Pitch for fiver challenge

In these strange times, it is easy to imagine that families across the country and you and I are bored of the mundanity of the food you pick, that you eat and the sweet treats you buy.My name is Jacob Mace , I am eleven years old.Have you ever got bored of the same food choices . Never changing and never having anything sweet then you need my crazy cupcakes. Bored ,  unhappy and going mad that you can only buy plain cupcakes.Then my product is for you because it will give you a spark of colour in your life then buy my crazy cupcakes.Have you ever went into a land of Boredom. When you keep on having the same food all of the time. Then I am the person with the solution.                                                                                                     Crazy Cupcakes hopes to offer families across the country with a box filled with two delicious cupcakes stuffed to the brim with colour and a flavour sensation … As more people run out of food choices the more they want a new sensational flavour inside of their mouth, they will be faced with a choice .Either to keep with the same cupcakes or step into a world of the unknown and never turn back. We plan to provide families with a recyclable box with two colourful cupcakes inside It will be delivered , by myself and will be left on your doorstep for you to pick up . This could be filled a selection of flavours of your choice or a random selection of flavours. If you want a flavour I got them all.The hardest thing for many people might be they want to make these for themselves so these will come with a card with the ingredients on the card.When you buy four cupcakes you can’t get the fifth one for three. My cupcakes are set up to be quality and high standards.                                                                                This is just the start for Crazy cupcakes ! As my product grows and more people hear about my product, we will be able to use the increased money to provide our customers with more complex cupcakes . In the future, we would like to send our product nationwide and then after that send my product globally . I fully believe that once we are up and running and the word is out about crazy cupcakes . I am sure that people will flock to try out something new and buy our product. To make our dream  of crating a cupcake crazy country , we only need one thing… you . With your support , we offer those people struggling with the tedium of food choices. Something new and exciting. Thank you for your time , and I hope that you are as excited about my product as I am.

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  1. Jacob, You worked so hard to get the tone of your writing just right. You listened to vf really carefully and have produced an engaging piece here. i like that you included the natural breaksto help you remember to pause during your delivery. you ensured you didn’t lose sight of the Year 6 writing skills and the forest pie promt. I hope you are very proud of this writing. well done!

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