Coraline Finds The Tunnel

Sleeping soundly in her dull room, Coraline sees a swifty, small mouse, or a loud,  rat, running round her room. The annoying squeaking immediately woke her up, so she tries tries to silently fall back asleep. But the the voice woke her up again, so she decides to follow it. Running vigorously down the stairs,

My End Of Year Report

My talents Although I don’t really like to talk about it, I have a couple of talents: Basketball and Dance. Ever since I was about 6 or 7, I have enjoyed dancing, because it gives me something to do, and to work on. The best thing about it, is that you can express yourself by

The Write-y Bag

While in isolation, families have been divided. heartbroken, lonely, and miserable – should they really be like this? Their phones are broken and have absolutely no way of communicating with each other. Or do they? Introducing the Write-y bag. My name is Sarah Ziemian, and I have designed the Write-y bag. 68% of the world

Failure Is Not An Option

After many years, the dark , cobwebbed phone rings, “Agent 64, we need you on the field!”. “No!” came the unfaithful response. “Why not?” the disagreeable voice explained. “I’m done, retired!” 64 answered. There was a long pause. Next thing you know, she’s back on the field. 64 is waiting until someone comes. “Weronika, your