At night, in a house similar to hers, coraline entered their room confused.Then she pulled the door away to see her mother cooking and singing a tune.She took a deep breath and yelled,”mom what are you doing in the middle of the night”?After being frozen for a few seconds, coraline said, “You are not my


Coraline enters the portal to the ‘parallel’. As Coraline tries to sleep through her first night in her lizard-infested-new-home, she hears a faint pitter-patter on her floorboards, instantly causing her to sit-up straight. Looking around, she couldn’t find anything, until she looked down, and under her bed, it was a rat. Seeing Coraline, the rat


Before Coraline walks into she gulps and then pulls back the dirty red curtain . Then as she enters her mother suddenly turns around and tells her in a high pitched voice supper is ready dear. Then as she walks down the corridor she looks back to see if anything is there it was dark

Finding the well

I will be describing the scene called,Finding the well. In this scene Caroline,tries and looks as hard as she can for a well.She walks and walks looking behind beside in front of her.What she doesnt realise is that theres someone behind her looking at every step she does in that dark forest.That thing is a

Coraline Finds The Tunnel

Sleeping soundly in her dull room, Coraline sees a swifty, small mouse, or a loud,  rat, running round her room. The annoying squeaking immediately woke her up, so she tries tries to silently fall back asleep. But the the voice woke her up again, so she decides to follow it. Running vigorously down the stairs,