Virtual Bear Hugger

Quarantined, isolated, getting told false information-Did this already happen to you or your child? Currently, we are unfortunately in lockdown, because of the COVID-19 outbreak. People could get told false information, which might make them feel really worried about it. That’s why me, Nadia Borek. I will represent a new product which I like naming it, The online virtual information bear hugger. How it works is that if you hug the bear you need to ask a question about absolutely anything! After that, the bear will answer the question in the way everyone should have. It is different from other products because it will be cheap, this is because we all know some hard-working parents are trying to keep their family safe. They only need to buy needed supplies like food and water. This bear will be sold in markets near the front door, I hope you will buy The Online Virtual information bear hugger.

The’Online Virtual information bear hugger’ Is a bear with not only one color but… You only need to choose a color and it will change the color you want it to be! You can buy any accessories you want to like…A bow, outfits, hair bubbles, glasses, and much more! To make it work you just need to hug the bear and ask something and the bear will answer the question. It’s very easy!. If I would need to choose a price for the wonderful bear I would make it very cheap. I think I would make it cheap because we all know every parent works as hard as they can to protect their family from the spreading virus. Also, they try their best to social distance but they need to go out to buy special supplies like food and water for their family.

How is it better/than just searching it up?

Although, you might think searching it up on the Internet will tell you the true information, well the answer to it is not always.This is because a lot of people like things. Then after that more people start to believe in it and even more people spread the information. But the one thing you never know is if it true or not. But this information bear doesn’t only answer questions but it’s there to comfort you.

Where will you sell this product?

I chose to sell my product in a food market near the front entrance, I chose to make it cheap because as I said some hard-working parents are working for special supplies


One thought on “Virtual Bear Hugger

  1. Hi nadiA,
    I really like your idea for a virtual bear hugger. In these tough times it’s important to be able to safely get hugs and i think your idea for answering questions and being able to buy accessories would really appeal to younger children.
    You have been thoughtful in locating your product in an easily accessible place near the front of grocery stores. Pricing your product cheaply with parents current struggles of paying bills shows a great deal of care for the community.
    Well done from a teacher in Australia.

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