Finding the well

I will be describing the scene called,Finding the well. In this scene Caroline,tries and looks as hard as she can for a well.She walks and walks looking behind beside in front of her.What she doesnt realise is that theres someone behind her looking at every step she does in that dark forest.That thing is a

Virtual Bear Hugger

Quarantined, isolated, getting told false information-Did this already happen to you or your child? Currently, we are unfortunately in lockdown, because of the COVID-19 outbreak. People could get told false information, which might make them feel really worried about it. That’s why me, Nadia Borek. I will represent a new product which I like naming

The lonely boy

My name. Is the only thing I heard in my mind.Going back to the memories with my family…I can only wish it was real …I am alone in a dark house with no one near me to protect me. Unless I think I was alone… I heard someone whisper ‘do you wanna play?..’ while scraping