Rubens sales pitch Lc: to write a persuasive pitch

People buying the same lemonade every single day old lemonade has become mundanity and distasteful but I can fix this horrible problem. Hello my name is Ruben and I would like to present you the most delicious, mouth watering and delightful thing you have ever seen I call it Isee Lemonade! Isee lemonade is the future of amazing lemonade. Isee lemonade came to bee when I bought a cup of lemonade from a stand and I told myself this is horrible I know that I can change this into the most fantastic lemonade in the whole world…! My lemonade has a hint of different flavours which is a secret…In these dark and sad times people are trapped in their houses and they can not come out but my lemonade can uplift people’s spirits in these dark times.

Isee lemonade must fix these problems with old and original lemonade we have to try well I have the solution. My lemonade will give you a huge flavour explosion because of the secret yummy flavours in it… Lots of people have answered my market research and told me that they mostly like 3 of the secret flavours.  My fantastic will cost about £1.00 for each cup. I will have a discount if you buy 2 get 1 free… The more you discover the flavours in Isee lemonade; the more you want to buy. Very soon lots of people will see that Isee lemonade is the best lemonade in the world.

All of this is only the beginning of my lemonade. I must try to expand the marketing of Isee lemonade because… I want to make Isee lemonade a global product so everyone can rate it! I hope one day I can partner up with a different business so…we can make our business so much better. But I will have to start small and make my product in Huntingdon for now but…I will make sure to make it the best lemonade in the whole world.

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  1. Wow Ruben! I have been so impressed with your focus in creating this pitch. You used the Forest Pie well and it was great to see you taking advice during the drafting process and I hope you agree that it has paid off. Well done and be very proud of your effort here.

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