ansel adams a work of art

ansel adams The amazing ansel adams, who was a historical photographer of natural envirement was born on the 20th of February of 1902 and sadly passed away on the 22nd of april 1984 when he was 82. Ansel Adams was considered the first recognised photographer who made art out of photographs.  All of Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams by kenzie

Photography, has not always been considered an art form, but thanks to Ansel Adams this was changed. This appreicated American photographer was born on the 20th February 1902, and over the course of his life took many photos of the American country. All of his pictures were landscapes, as he wanted to show the beauty

Big Write – Letter of Complaint

   Rose Cottage, Arliefleild Road, Topeka, Kansas Camp Green Lake Big Bend Of Texas Calhoun County Texas Dear Warden,   I am writing to you say my son ,Stanley Yelnats, is already facing problems and he has not even been there a week yet! I’m appalled, ashamed and disgusted at Camp Green Lake.  He said


Summer holidays, the best time ever. Who does not like summer holidays? You can stay in bed longer, you can play with your friends every day and you can go away to see new places.                 I love holidays with my parents and my family in Poland. We

The lonely boy

My name. Is the only thing I heard in my mind.Going back to the memories with my family…I can only wish it was real …I am alone in a dark house with no one near me to protect me. Unless I think I was alone… I heard someone whisper ‘do you wanna play?..’ while scraping

Failure Is Not An Option

After many years, the dark , cobwebbed phone rings, “Agent 64, we need you on the field!”. “No!” came the unfaithful response. “Why not?” the disagreeable voice explained. “I’m done, retired!” 64 answered. There was a long pause. Next thing you know, she’s back on the field. 64 is waiting until someone comes. “Weronika, your