Communicating band

separated, lonely, and infected- Do you want to see your family again?

The communicating band will help you I retract with your family in tough times like this. With the band you can interact with your family, infected with COVID-19 or not, if you tap once you are sending a kiss, tap three times, and you’re sending a hug. The family will know because the band vibrates once or three times. You can buy it in three different colors black, yellow or pink. Adding onto that you can also customize your own, you can also connect different bands together so you can interact with more people.


My product will be sold to anyone and any age and they would also come in packs of two and one’s ( I case you wanted to get an odd number of bands). For the packs of two, the price would be noble because there are two in one packet. The price would be £10 for the two packets which means Theo Ratliff would be £5. This is because I would want people to have enough money for essential items like food. All of the money would go towards the people who are infected with the coronavirus and animal shelters because they can also get infected


I would want my product to be sold because people are being separated from their family’s and nobody wants to live like that and single parents also might want to have some company not just from their children because if they get infected who will look after the children?

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