P&F Ice Creams – Sales Pitch

Patrick’s and Filip Creams The United Kingdom is in lockdown because families are Isolating it their homes, social distancing is in place as friends and love ones have to keep apart, streets that ones were busy are now empty. The only shops open are supermarkets and all other shop are closed. The time at home

Art 4 U – Sales Pitch

The United Kingdom is in danger and heroes are willing to sacrifice them selfs for us, people are trapped at home like being locked in prison away from your family, people suffering without any food or water and children terrified in fear…, but that’s not the only problem, people are feeling monstrosity and they have

DIY’not? Speech

Hero’s of history are those we remember for their sacrifices. Hero’s of war who laid down their lives for the future generations freedom. The heroes of medicine who conducted scientific research for our medical treatment and safety, cured millions. In 2020, we have all had a chance to stop the corona virus and be a

Crunchy Crisps

Great Britan is in lockdown : families isolating within their homes; Busy streets now left empty , friends and loved now kept apart by social distancing. In these strange times, shops and businesses places have opened on Monday and people have been running through the streets. Do feel bored eating normal snacks day in and