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As I speak we are in the middle of a world crisis: families stuck at home; not able to see your friends; large cities now completely empty. You may ask is this how it has to be? Sadly, the answer is yes, but if this lockdown is stressing you out (which it most likely is if you are reading this advert) then we have the product for you. Silky smooth, solidly made, cheap as chips-does this sound good to you? I introduce to you, after lots of high-tech research and months of planning, the mini punchbag. It is the single best thing ever created. The name of the product is mini punchers, chosen to show how it has two uses. One being for stress relief. The other being for children who are clearly fed up and showing mundanity during lockdown just to give them something to do. The Mini part of the name shows the 2nd use and children using the product.While the punchers part of the name shows when you are stressed and just need to punch something to get it away. Don’t worry though it will still have its uses after lockdown.

The mini punchbag offers people of all ages an item (which is cheaper than a stress ball) to help with stress relief. Now, you may be thinking that a punchbag has to be absolutely gargantuan. You are mistaken. Our product will be 30cm in length and 20cm in width. This means, like a stress ball, you can take it anywhere including: on holiday; to your friends house; on day trips; or even use it as a pillow in the car! The list goes on and on. To help out, we promise to give you a set of instructions showing you how to put the punchbag on the wall. It is a well known fact that stress balls break within 5 seconds of buying them. I can assure you this will not happen with the mini punchbag as it is designed to be strong enough to take the most persistent punches. The punchbag-which is the best thing on earth-will be sold in red, yellow and blue as it is scientifically proven these colours help reduce stress. It will be made out of lentils, fabric and cloth.

We are just getting started. Here at mini punchers, we are preparing to grow and push on. As more and more customers buy our product the quality will get better. Here’s the deal, the more you buy; the more quality our product will have. Our design will get smoother, sleeker and better as time goes on. But, as I said we can only do this with your help. If you help out; if you buy my product; if you are willing to pay full price; then we will deliver. This is the start of an adventure. Our dream (which is selling 20+ punchbags) will be reached. Hopefully, our product will also relieve 20+ people of stress and anxiety. So, I beg that you join me on my journey to help reduce anxiety across the whole country. Thank you for listening, I hope you are considering buying my product in the near future.

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  1. Daniel, this is a fantastic example of a well constructed text and the hard work you employed during the drafting process has most definately paid off. You took on board suggestions for improvemnt, which demonstrates a dedication to your desire to produce quality. it has carefully threaded year 6 writing skills and you have not lost sight of the forest pie promt. I hope you are very proud of this work. well done!

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