ansel adams a work of art

ansel adams The amazing ansel adams, who was a historical photographer of natural envirement was born on the 20th of February of 1902 and sadly passed away on the 22nd of april 1984 when he was 82. Ansel Adams was considered the first recognised photographer who made art out of photographs.  All of Ansel Adams

bang 500 word challenge mission 500

Run was the only thought at mind i was sent here to survive and survive i will. 14 days ago there was  post on social media,peer pressured to volenteer i did not know my fate untill now. Now i am stuck out  here with only  my given bow and arrow and  goodness knows how many

Camp Green Lake advertisment (Big Write)

Camp Green Lake Has your child been in trouble with the law ? Do you feel like you can handle no more ? Have they gone down a path where you no longer recognize them? well,look no further. Imagine a place where you child will be able to be corrected ,imagine a place where they