Crunchy Crisps

Great Britan is in lockdown : families isolating within their homes; Busy streets now left empty , friends and loved now kept apart by social distancing. In these strange times, shops and businesses places have opened on Monday and people have been running through the streets. Do feel bored eating normal snacks day in and

This is Me

My Talents When I talk about my talents, I have a few things to say about. My first talent is showing off ; I say this because when I meet my friends at school I always say that I’ve earned more gold medals than them in mangahigh. Recently, my family have bought me a trampoline

The phone moderate

What is it? Heartbroken, upset, and devastated – Is there something wrong? Across the UK and other parts of the globe, families, and friends have been split up due to this pandemic outbreak. Although people have to do this from not risking their lives, lots of them feel left out when relatives pass away. When


Imagine that you’re in a world full of dreams , a world that you’ve been dreaming to do for all these years. Well, if you want to go to a world full of dreams that means you have heard to Wonderland. Never heard of this place? You soon will. Wonderland is place where people discover

The circulatory system

Together the heart ,blood and blood vessels work as a team to become the circulatory system. The heart pumps blood vessels around the body. On average your heart pumps around 100,000 times per day. Some people think the heart is shaped like the heart emoji but believe me it is very different. Haven’t you always