Here we go again. Back to school for another year. Lets hope this year is *great* as usual. New teachers and i cant wait so I ran to school really excited -although when i got there I wished I hadn’t wasted the energy- to find a washed up thing standing out on the playgrond.


I continued to think to my self “This can not be our teacher” well it turned out it was. A washed up man who looked like he was homeless! Had been hired to teach year 6. His name was Mr Quinlan. WHO!? A scruffy old man  with a jumper containing holes who claimed to be 27. He looks like he is 50 by the way. He lead us in to a class room with more dirty coffee cups than I could count. Then I looked up. A SEAGULL? IN HUNTINGDON?!! Turns out he was to become our class pet and he fed on all the food that fell on the floor at break times. We decided to call him Gary.


The first lesson back hopefully this will be fun! Ps:It was English so you know how it went. The second teacher of the day! Mrs Rawlins. She is a wee Scottish lady who has taught me before. So a familiar face. She is quite short shorter than me in fact so whenever we get a question wrong she digs her head into the sand. As you would expect she has a wee Scottish accent and loves to drink a good old iron bru. English is over and after break (which is way to short by the way) it was time for maths.


My number one subject what could possibly go wrong. Miss Ruff  a very familiar face! Unlike Mrs Rawlings she is very tall. When class 16 are being rude her head goes through the roof. She does have common sense however and always has to tell the washed up homeless man what to do. She marked my work correct however so she must of banged her head.


Lunch time. Play football for an hour and go back inside. On to the fourth teacher of the day. Mrs Roffe. You have to go overseas to find her place of birth. More accents! Hooray! Sadly , she doesn’t not have the hair of Donald trump so no corn jokes today. Now we may be reading holes but if she is like trump instead of digging holes she might want to build walls!


Mr Upton. Only one thing can be said about him. He’s a proper geezer.(BTW If you say this is to short it is four sentences which is still a paragraph.)


In reality I like all the teachers. I mean without them I wouldn’t be able to go to school and everyone loves school right? Wait what’s that I here everyone else *I don’t want to be here now let me play Fortnite.* Who wrote this script? Is all I could think to myself. Then I realised  I did. Oh dear.

The roast of The year 6 teachers 2019/2020

Quote by The roast of The year 6 teachers 2019/2020

The Circulatory System – Big Write

The Circulatory system is one of three important systems in you’re body. It’s job is to supply Blood Cells around you’re Body dropping off oxygen and then picking up Co2 (Carbon dioxide)   to take back to the heart. (Did you know that the  Heart is the same size as a clenched fist. The Heart sits in the chest just in front of the lungs. The heart, which beats on average a 100,000