Pitch for fiver challenge

In these strange times, it is easy to imagine that families across the country and you and I are bored of the mundanity of the food you pick, that you eat and the sweet treats you buy.My name is Jacob Mace , I am eleven years old.Have you ever got bored of the same food


Before Coraline walks into she gulps and then pulls back the dirty red curtain . Then as she enters her mother suddenly turns around and tells her in a high pitched voice supper is ready dear. Then as she walks down the corridor she looks back to see if anything is there it was dark

my school report

My Talents   My talents are football ,tennis and basketball. I trained since I was seven years old so I could do the sport to the best of my ability. I used these talents in a PE sessions to support my team. I like playing sports in my spare time with my dad and my


Summer holidays, the best time ever. Who does not like summer holidays? You can stay in bed longer, you can play with your friends every day and you can go away to see new places.                 I love holidays with my parents and my family in Poland. We