The House Bot 3000

Running low on time, House an utter state, Waiting hours to spend time with family-Does this sound familiar to you? Well, thankfully I have a solution! Hi, my name is Jacob Mace and my invention is to help people spend more time with their loved ones. It’s a robot that does the housework for you so you can spend more time with your family. Is this a problem at your house? Everybody does not spend enough time to talk or play with their loved ones and this is why I have created a robot called the house bot 3000 it does the housework like the washing up, the hovering, the cleaning, the dusting, and the recycling this is the most amazing robot ever made on earth. The ” HOUSE BOT 3000“ has been designed to be practical, but is very much good working. It listens to whatever you want it to do. It has compartments on the robot that hold the substantial needs to do the housework also It has a light so you know how much battery it has left. It works by having solar panels on it’s back to recharge but The robot will cost 45 pounds and will not just be sold separately, but in packs of three, which will have a discount of 15%. this is better than because it is for families. This is the best quality of this product you could find that is helpful, reliable, kind, and easy to work and handle. This is a potential thing to thrive in the shops in the future. The amazing price of this robot means it will have interest from both adults and children because it is an electronic robot and it does housework so they can spend more time with their family. When it is out in the shops in a few months. It is better than anything on the market because it has seven arms and sound recognition. So while you are spending time with your family it can easily do the housework by itself. It has compartments that have the right appliances it needs to do anything, it has solar panels so it can recharge in an eco-friendly way. I think it is amazing because it can refuel its compartments on its own. In the first year of business, I made a profit of 1,000 and in the second year, I made a profit of 3,000, but in third, the interest fell and then I only made a profit of 2,000 while to add I had to pay off some debts over that time which were around the low thousands that is why I need you to invest into my company so you can help me pay off my financial issues with my product.

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