Big Write-26.6.2020 LC: To write a persuasive pitch

Doggie Bag Treats

Mundanity, dull, stale; Is this what you want your dog to think about you? Boredom. That’s what dogs around the UK, or even the world will think if you don’t do anything about it, constantly playing with their owner, playing the same game, eating the same food and same treats: is that what you want for your dog? The novelty of being with their owner 24/7 has grown tiring to them, with barely any treats that excite them anymore. If you relate, then I’m your person you’re looking for to seal that hole and make it into a mountain. Here, with you, is the founder of revolutionary dog treats that are good for humans too! They are Home-made, dog approved, Doggie Bag Treats. How? I hear, I have done extensive research on only the best treats for dogs that occupy your energetic hounds. So take your dog’s life on a journey through the perfect realm of flavour, that isn’t just perfect for dogs, but affordable for you, answering the unseen problem your dogs have. Now, today I will show you the the revolutionary product, Doggie Bag Treats, and I will present you reasons why this new product will be widely profitable, successful and loved. The last question is;…Do you care about the well-being of your dog? Well… clearly you don’t because you don’t have my treats yet.

Doggie Bag Treats hopes to put a smile on dogs all around the country! (Breathe) Or maybe, the world, with recyclable doggie bags filled with the frozen sensations that are peanut-butter and yogurt frozen cookies. As dogs are playing the same games, with the same person, eating the same food and treats, they’ll be getting bored of everything, they have to choices that they pause can’t pause choose. You have to choose. Either keep your dog doing the same exact routine, every single day, or add an eruption of light into your dog’s mouth by buying a bag of Doggie Bag Treats. The more you support this new company; The more we can provide your dog and maybe you with the taste of gods; the more we can make treats for your lively dogs, because they are… Home-made, dog approved. Don’t you want your dog’s tail wagging from side to side endlessly, with that face that you always want to see, do you want to see that? Supporting Doggie Bag Treats will help us deliver , putting your life in safety. Coming at the low, low price of £3.99 for 15 cookies, but it doesn’t end there, we also do deals of buy 1 get 1 free! Perfect for your dog, at the perfect price. It causes less hassle for you at work to get enough money to please your pseudo-children. I have a low price so you can buy more, or buy a cheap gift with less of an inconvenience. If you decide to buy 2 of our bags of Doggie Bag Treats at full price (which is £7.98) you will get 2 more for free, your choice, and if you do that, I will personally pick out 10 people who have done that to have their dog sample my new flavours, or get sent our original flavour (peanut butter and yogurt frozen cookies) for £1.99.

Beginning. This is where we’re at, but with you, we’ll reach the future. As Doggie Bag Treats grows larger and stronger, we will use the money to make more treats, or expand upon doggie-needs. Like cheesy omelettes, or extra cushioned dog beds. I am adamant on the belief that once we are up, we’re never going down, and people flock to their local shops to buy Doggie Bag Treats, for their dogs, or themselves. Another way we could expand, is to deliver, so people won’t have to go outside for the treats, and risk their livelihood, or maybe larger bags, for 30 treats in one bag, a large version. If you believe in brightening up a dog’s day with taste, you believe in me. Thank you for your time, I hope you believe in me, or my company.

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  1. Zackarie, I was particularly impressed with your motivation to produce this pitch, especially as you had only one week to complete this. You used the Forst Pie diligently to create a very engaging scrpt. I hope you are proud of your efforts.

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