Crunchy Crisps

Great Britan is in lockdown : families isolating within their homes; Busy streets now left empty , friends and loved now kept apart by social distancing. In these strange times, shops and businesses places have opened on Monday and people have been running through the streets. Do feel bored eating normal snacks day in and day out? Well, the “ Crunchy Crisps” will provide you with their finest crisps that you cannot resist. Do you know why? It’s because these crisps have a vigorous taste that no one tasted before! When your taste buds sense the flavours of my crisps, then they will know that these are the crisps that will wash away your worries in these hard times. We may be isolating in lockdown, that doesn’t mean that anyone can try my Crunchy Crisps……..  Crunchy Crisps has been developing the distasteful crisps into an exquisite flavoured crisp.

Crunchy Crisps hopes to offer families and friends with the best crisps that they could possibly buy. As children spend more time at home ( nagging their parents for food), you could buy a few bags of “Crunchy Crisps” for them to have like a treat or a snack. ( I GUARANTEE YOU THAT THEY WILL BE QUITE FOR FIVE MINUTES.)…… You could give your child a bag of crisps when they finish their homework. So for an example; once your child finishes their home learning you could give your child a bag of crisps as a reward for doing their home learning. The great thing about crisps, is that they are good and healthy for vegetarians. The more you buy this, the more you will taste the brilliance in these delicious crisps. Throughout the world ; crisps has become famous in many countries and billions of people has been trying a lot of flavours in these crisps. So come on, buy these crisps or else how could you try to charm your child down when he got nothing to do . Well, if you have a problem , make your child try these crisps. So what are you waiting for ! Come along to buy these crisps and who knows , maybe you could buy a few bags for your families and friends, so that they could experience the taste of explosion .

This is fist the start of Crunchy Crisps! As more people buy our product, there is a slight chance that we will be increasing the prices of the product. In the future, we will be giving out mor deals so that you wouldn’t have to pay to much for our product. To make sure that my company and my product is popular…… I will: answer to peoples question, add a variety of flavours, add different kinds of drinks from the profit my company has made. A little known fact , some crisps can be gluten free so that more people can try my crisps. In the future,mI hope to make this company goes worldwide. I am Jossin Rijo and I am an 11 year old boy who wants to change everything.

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  1. Jossin, I think you will agree that your constant up-levelling throughout the drafting process has paid off with your final piece. You applied the Year 6 writing skills throughout this piece. You have woven forest pie through this too. great effort jossin and well done!

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