Ruben’s Talking Transporter

Talking Transporter

Sadness, isolation and loneliness – is that what you hear and feel everyday?

Everyone is in lockdown… Families separated, friends separated and old people alone. How are you going to communicate and trade objects with friends? My name is Ruben and I have the right solution! My “Talking Transporter” has been designed for the world to use…

This machine is the future! With it you can talk to a family member or a friend in any place of the world. Also, you can trade small objects such as: cards, games, notes and films, etc. It works like this: you have a screen to select the person and what you want to do, then you have phones to talk and there is a stand in a glass box where you canput your object to trade. While the machine is working, you can talk to friends!

You can use this machine with anyone, they just need to have another machine! This machine is the only way you can trade while in lockdown and you can do it straight away. So, you don’t have to wait for deliveries or Royal Mail and there is no problem with broken items.

This machine can be used at every shop and at home! This machine is not only genius, but also is very easy to use. The “Talking Transporte”, which I have been developing since the beggining of the Corona virus outbreak, it’s now ready to be used with a costing budgetof £40.

Hope you enjoy the product!

(I’m available to trade football cards anywhere at anytime!)

  • Where will you sell this product? I will be selling this product on the internet because it’s easier for everyone to buy everywhere in the world. I have a website ready to use and sell. In the website there is a videoabout how the machine works.

How much percentage of the company would you give us? I would give you 40% of my company for £100,000.

Before you make up your mind, you must check out my website, you should see how my machine works with your own eyes!

5 thoughts on “Ruben’s Talking Transporter

  1. You have used your year 6 punctuation to present a well organised and well written pitch. Are you able to explain how your product works?

  2. Hi Ruben,

    I love how you open your pitch with a question to hook the listener. You have presented a problem and come up with a solution whilst being considerAte of not adding to already burdened services such as The royal mail.

    Your Talking transporter would allow me to swap items quicKly with my family in the UK. Great imagination used in devising your product!

    From A teacher in Australia

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