HPS Lego League

On Saturday, 18th January 2020, 7 children from year 5 and year 6 from HPS went to Whirlpool, Peterborough for the regional Lego League. This means around 11 other schools from around Cambridgeshire all come to this one place for the first part of the Lego League then, if they win, they would head to

Camp Green Lake advertisment (Big Write)

Camp Green Lake Has your child been in trouble with the law ? Do you feel like you can handle no more ? Have they gone down a path where you no longer recognize them? well,look no further. Imagine a place where you child will be able to be corrected ,imagine a place where they

The Circulatory System – Big write. Monday 13th January 2020

The circulatory system is one of the three main systems that keep your body moving by sending blood all around our muscles and vital organs so they can move- the blood drops off  vital nutrients and plasma. Our Hearts are roughly the size of a clenched fist slightly to the left of our sternum ,which is the thick bone in the

The Circulatory System – Big Write

The Circulatory system is one of three important systems in you’re body. It’s job is to supply Blood Cells around you’re Body dropping off oxygen and then picking up Co2 (Carbon dioxide)   to take back to the heart. (Did you know that the  Heart is the same size as a clenched fist. The Heart sits in the chest just in front of the lungs. The heart, which beats on average a 100,000