Minitoones party pitch

Lonely, bored, and isolated – is this how we want to live out lives? All around the world families are struggling to have fun while stuck inside. Many people being split apart and heartbroken. This is why we are in desperate need of something to help. My name is Katie Anne Buckenham and I have come up with an app called “Minitoones Party”, this is an app where you can text and emote friends and loved ones. Interact with friends in the gameplay where you can play traditional games and more. You can design and play with your Minitoones and visit virtual places on the Minitoones map this app can make a dark time have a spark of happiness. 


the app” minitoones party ” is great, as you can connect with people all over the world, in these sad, lonely times .not only is this app made safe for kids by having characters that mimic what your doing so your face is not shared, but it also allows you to play board games that you would otherwise not be able to play. You can call loved ones and either chose to keep your minitoones Icon face or turn on video this allows when talking to strangers you can be in a drawn world yet still having fun. You can host aa party and pick games that will be played then send invited this makes having a party at home easy there are no limits to how you use this app and it has very low charge of 50p making it truly affordable and the best way to connect with people around the whole world.

What will the characters look like?

Well, it depends on what you chose you can design them unique to you if you like that but if you would prefer a character from the film and tv then you can pick one .if them by typing the tv or film you want and selecting a character it depends on what you want to do with your character.for example I could tyle the wizard of oz and become Dorothy or to.

What will the expense be?

The expense to actually buy the app will be 50p but you can buy in-game clothing for your character and other purchases but if you would just want to use the app it would cost 50p and to make it better all of the money from the app goes the NHS to help.

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