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Stuck at home without a way to contact friends and family, the only person you see all day is your own reflection in the mirror, exhausted all your options of staying occupied-Is this how it has to be? Well with my product no it is not. My product, which is a spectacular app, is a very simple idea giving people someone to talk to during this difficult time. The name is phone a friend and you put in your age and some things you like or your hobby’s and it will match you with someone who likes the same things and is around the same age. You will then be able to talk to them by text or call so you are not bored or lonely. My product is better than other products because it is a lot safer. Over 1,000 safety bots will make sure nothing nasty is said and ages are not fake. You will have to be 10+ to use the app. It also better because there is no need to mess around with your email address and phone number etc. You just download the app put your age and hobbies in and off you go!

Even though my product may look simple: it was very difficult to produce. To use the app you put your age and some of your hobbies or things you like in and it will match you up with somebody who likes the same things for you to talk to during this difficult time. The product will include: Safety bots to stop people saying nasty things and so ages are not faked, a system which allows you to call people without spending money and a system which allows you to text and will stop you from using language which is not permitted on the app. All of these features are crucial for a better experience. If anything fails, for example, the safety bots, admins will fix the problem. The app will be free to download but when on to the app you will have to pay £2 a month for a membership. The app, Which is well protected, is expected to have between 100-350 people a day signing up to use it. My offer to you is 10% for £100,000 but, I am willing to negotiate. I have brought you iPads here for you to try the app if you are interested.

Why is your product better than texting or calling a friend?

My product is better than texting or calling a friend because it allows you to make new friends which will last for a lifetime. Unlike texting, safety bots are stopping you from saying rude things to each other. The bots are also designed to stop any conversations if things start to go too far. 

Why did you decide to make the membership £2?

I decided to make the membership £2 because if I didn’t no money would be made from the app. It would be pointless if I didn’t make it cost anything because I would not make anything from the app. Another reason is the fact that calls and texts are completely free so it actually makes it cheaper than no membership and costing money for texts and calls.

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  1. Hi, your product sounds like a wonderful design & such a good idea, during these unusual & uncertain times. I can see that it would work well for kids, missing seeing their friends, during social isolation. Would it also be able to be used to link up older people, say in nursing homes, who can’t have any visitors? Maybe it could link them with others like themselves, so that those connections support them to feel less lonely & isolated. Well done!

  2. I actually heard Someone on radio 2 talking about this YESTERDAY and someone has ACTUALLY created it – that shows you what a good idwa you’ve had, well done! Very well written too.

  3. Hi Daniel,

    Well done on a gReat pitch! I particuly like how you’ve incorporated the safety aspects which is very important in all online platforms today.
    You put together some really good arguments for your app’s usefulness in these difficult times.
    Perhaps you could have included something aBout approaching the education department as a way to sell your app en Masse?
    Wonderful work!
    From a teacher in Australia.

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