The phone moderate

What is it?

Heartbroken, upset, and devastated – Is there something wrong? Across the UK and other parts of the globe, families, and friends have been split up due to this pandemic outbreak. Although people have to do this from not risking their lives, lots of them feel left out when relatives pass away. When things happen like this you know that you can take the courage to step in. And even if we remember each other, there is one thing that can change everything. ‘The phone moderate’, the phone moderate can help you contact people the people you miss Moreover, you can chat with them and even play games with them. My name is Jossin Rijo and this is the product that can change everything.

How much does it cost?

‘The Phone moderate’, the phone moderate is an electronic phone that can help you contact family and friends, while they’re taking self-isolation at home. It looks a bit like a walkie talkie, but it’s a phone that got more thigs than a standardized phone. It works when you click on the ‘on’ button to make it work, then you have to press it to safe mode so that hackers can’t hack the phone. After that, you can contact your friends and families in this app called ‘friends. Moreover, you can play games with them and chat with them. Not only that, but you can also buy other different varieties of phones to keep in touch with those who are sick. The product, which contains a charger, will be inside the box next to the phone moderate that you have delivered. The cost of the money £45 each, this is because the item is small and it can help lots of people who don’t have any money.

How is this better?

This product is better than a normal standardized phone because it has more resources and apps that can help with different varieties of problems that you need help with. Moreover, the phone moderates can contact your friends and families on facetime. Which helps you to recognize them when they’re in self-isolation. So whenever you feel lonely or upset you know that you can always count on the phone moderate.

Why haven’t you made a medium-sized phone?

Well, because of coronavirus we thought about making the phone smaller, so that hand it out for a cheap amount of money.

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