The fiver challenge . Carnval games

The United Kingdom is in lockdown: Everyone is stuck at home; nowhere to go; you cant see Grandma. Are you getting tired of your four walls? Do you crave the outside? Are you being confined to your back garden? But in these strange times there is something that can help. My product is a classic carnival game, there are six tins and one of the six have a prize under them. The aim of the game is to hit the correct tin over and win a prize . And for 25p you can have one throw at the tins and hay maybe you could win.

Carnvgames is fun for all the family! Delivered as a portable tin can game or you can come to our stall. With prizes galore you wont be able to resist. As more people are cooped up in there living room and are missing the fun of the fayre, our company brings exactly that. Win a prize – just throw the ball. Maybe you will win! There is a 1 in 6 chance that you will win. The homemade, traditional carnival game will be delivered direct to you. Some people with embrace the challenging aspects of the game; other will love winning the prizes. The price of our game is a bargain at only 25p per throw. And hey! One quarter of our profit will go to charity.

This game is just the beginning. In the future, we as a company, Carnvgames, will be expanding: increasing the variety of games; setting up a leader board for each game; giving more to charity (whether that be a percentage of our profits or toys). We have big ambitions as a small company to expand. However, if we can’t acquire enough money, sadly the expansion of our company will not be able to ahead. And our dreams will become a mere memory. I fully believe that when Carnvgames is launched it will become the most popular game out there. If you can see the potential of this product the way I do, we can end the boredom of lockdown together.

Thank you for listening to my speech and I look forward to seeing you play the games soon.

Well done Connall. A good pitch with lots of different A FOREST PIE features included. 


DrawWorks Pitch

           DrawWorks Pitch

In 2020, family became an integral part of our lives: locked inside with your loved ones; makingnew wonderful memories; unable to buy decorations your house. Are you missing on this?

If yes, the answer is right in front of you! Luckily for you, DrawWorks provides hand-drawn portraits of your family. Expensive, time-wasting and ancient – this is not what the future of portraits hold. Our company does not support this and we are here to guide you on a journey of inspiration. DrawWorks, which is a brand new company, is the answer to the problem you did not know you had! Before you continue, ask yourself – Are you ready to see what true creativity looks like?

DrawWorks proudly provides personalised portraits of your family and friends, as to use as a special memory. Since shops have opened for only essential items, art has become nonexistent. Our company offers hand-drawn portraits of your choice; it does not matter what it is, we will do it! This perfect place is always located near the River Ouse, for the best views, while you sit back and relax while your picture is being drawn. Some people may want a portrait for themselves; others will buy a portrait for the whole family to send to relatives on the other side of the world. This all is possible with the small fee of £3! This is not only cheap, but affordable.

In the future, I plan to extend DrawWorks to outstanding heights. This all can happen by building more DrawWorks stations, decreasing the time it takes for a portrait and online/delivery services. DrawWorks plans to expand, not only in the UK, but the world! Unfortunately, this company can not continue without you. Buying our portraits, where 10% of our profit goes to NHS, will make our dreams to break free. I know that this small company can grow  your help, as everything works with a little push. If you are as invested in this as I am, if you know that that everything works with a little push, then DrawWorks is the choice for you. Thank you for taking your time to read this.


Well done Daivam. A beautifully written pitch with clear intentions. You have shown you know your audience and have provided lots of insentive. Good use of the A FOREST PIE features. Mrs Spenceley


People getting annoyed; ongoing arguments; people stuck at home: 2020 has been the year of isolation. Family’s all over the country are getting annoyed, frustrated and angry stuck in their houses: is this you? Finally, the activity for you has arrived. I will present you with a solution to your problems. The only question left to ask is: Are you ready to be amazed?

WaterPower provides epic water battle for families, kids and friends; so you can truly get your own back. As summer is coming and you’re cooped up with you’re  family, you need to get out. The water battle is a family friendly activity for all ages. The water battle will be based in your local school field so you can access it easily. Some people will love the challenge and battle during their water power experience; others will simply come to cool down from the summer sun. WaterPower has something for everyone. We are selling an hour of fun for £3 per person with a option to buy water balloons at a additional cost, we are also doing a family ticket for £8.

In the future, we plan to expand the water battles by adding leader boards, medals and trophies for the people with the most points. However, without your support, our dreams will be lost in darkness. But buying our ticket for a water battle, will help us to achieve our dreams. I believe my service is going to be a success across the Nation. If you are interested in my service, like me, then come and have fun. Thank you for listening. I hope to see you at my water battle soon.


Well done Corey, I know you have been very enthusiastic about your company since the beginning and it shows in your pitch. The is very well written and uses lots of the A FOREST PIE features. Well done again. Mrs Spenceley

Marks for life (Big write)

During lockdown, people have been reading  more books: children’s books, adult’s   books and lots of cooking and baking books. That means thousand upon thousand of pages are being turned every day. Are you fed up of losing your page? Then we are the company for you. Marks for life offers you a personalise bookmark,  which is designed to improve your reading experience during this unprecedented time . How could you resist this? For sure, you would want to read your treasured classic books. For years ,this bookmark will keep your prized possessions pristine.  Hundreds of people may be thinking – how will they receive their personalise, unique  bookmarks? But that’s not a problem  at all because Marks for life will bring that happiness straight to your door step, providing something so simple but yet , so inspirational: bringing joy to your home sweet home. Some people will use this wonderful bookmark  to save their page; others will be inspired by our astonishing quotes and designs. Whether it is a gift  to someone or a treat for yourself  , we plan to provide an affordable price for all to buy. This £1.50 inspirational bookmark is something you can  not resist.

In the future, we plan to expand our company Marks for life , by developing more stationary: pencil cases , personalise pencils, rulers and some other new unique equipment. However , without your support our dreams will not come true . Buying our unique bookmarks, which are from Marks for life, will enable us to increase our profits so that we can  begin on the next chapter of our wonderful journey. I know that, with your support , Marks for life will be a global success. If you are able to see the potential of my company the way I do , together we can save thousands of lost book pages.

Thank you for listening to my speech  , together  we are strong , together we will be a global success. 

Wow Marcella! A very passionate pitch, using so many of the A FOREST PIE persuasive features. I can’t wait to hear this being read out. 

Masker pitch (Giuliano)

Everyone is  scared of Coronavirus: in their homes; brains full of fear; scared and worried faces being hidden. Are you one of these people? Today I will present my most amazing product you’ve ever seen. If you’re one of scared people I’ve got a question for you. Do you want to keep safe?

Masker will provide  a high quality mask for any anyone of  any age to keep you safe. As lockdown starts to ease around the world, we still have to keep safe when we go outside our homes. This mask will provide you with the safety you need. The more shops that are opening; the more you are going to have to go out. My high quality masks will be sold in a local school in Huntingdon, close to your homes. There are people who have become very sick from Coronavirus. Do you want to be one of those people? These masks will be sold in lots of different colours, which the public has chosen. These masks will only cost £1.50, that is very cheap for one high quality mas!. These masks will keep you safe from Coronavirus.

In the future, we plan to expand our company to add more products to the list: hand sanitiser, gloves and cleaning products. If you don’t buy my product, I will have to delay the extension. So please buy my product. I personally think that our company will go a long way. I see ahead into a big future for Masker.



Well done Guiliano, you have shown a real interest in your company and worked hard to improve your writing this week. You have included lots of A FOREST PIE features and followed the sentence structure of them. From Mrs Spenceley





Mystery Pictures

Right now, in different countries, adults and children are feeling blank:Streets remain in silence, friends and relatives kept separated and people not knowing what to do. Have you been like this ?In a situation like this, humans, like you and me, are trapped within walls and under roofs, feeling depressed, inactive and bored. Do you want to give up feeling like you’re being locked up in your home? If so, my product is here to help your situation. The most mysterious, most surprising and the newest invention in the business. There are hidden and unknown tasks in different pictures, that are able to keep your day busy. Are you prepared to leave the boredom behind? Are you ready to feel the happiness you once had before this pandemic?

Mystery Picture offers busy tasks, to break the boredom in lockdown. In your customised pictures, which you’ll have to discover, will be a range of tasks for you to complete. I am sure that all your appalling thoughts will start to vanish, as time goes by,But  we are here to refill your days.  We present to all people, young and old, by giving them ideas and ‘work’ to bring satisfaction in your miserable days.You can access our product by going on social media and we will deliver your personalised picture on your door step. In other words, you will see our product on beautifully designed posters that will be in your mail very soon. Some people, like you and me, could use this unique product to keep ourselves occupied during lockdown; some may want to use this product to  bring some colour and excitement into their homes. Our merchandise’s value costs £3.60, however as time moves on and numerous people make purchases, our product will improve for the better..

In the future, we, Mystery Pictures, aim to develop our product by increasing the number of tasks, making the picture light up and formulating them double sided. Without your help, we (Mystery Pictures) are unable to reach our aspirations. By purchasing our general product, you are able to make a difference in our lives and your own. From this, we are able to prepare you more fascinating pictures to decorate your home and with  your support, we can go on to the next chapter in our destiny. If you have faith in us, and if you can see our dreams ahead of us like we can then buy our product today.

Thank you for listening and giving us time.


Well done Hannah, although you only had a week to develop and complete your product and speech, you should be proud of your achievements. You have created an excellent product that is aimed at the current market. Your speech is informative, aimed at the audience and you have included many of the A FOREST PIE features. Mrs Spenceley

my talents

My talents:

I am talented at  programming because sometimes I am good at
programming Scratch.  Also I play the guitar on my
tablet when my little brother asks me to play some music. Lots of people tell me I am good at chatting a lot and asking questions. I am good at riding  my bike with my family. Although I am good at Mangahigh  I need to practice more.

My Loves and Passions:

I really enjoy playing on my PS4 because it makes feel happy on Friday nights. I also love using cardboard boxes to make forts and windows.



My Talents

I am good at baking because cakes are tasty.  I am also good at being kind.  Singing is my favourite talent because I sing at home and because it makes me feel cheerful.  When I am at home, I play my maths game.

My loves and passions:

I love to go on my phone after school.  My favourite thing to do is to play dolls with my sister.  My passion is to lay down all day watching tv in my room.  I like to do baking in my house.  I love to eat ice cream at the seaside.I really like to do the washing up. I like to do my homework at home and I also like to have some quiet time when my sisters.



Hopes and Dreams

I would like to be a police man because I liked like to look after police dogs when I’m older.
When I am older I would like to learn to drive so I can take my kids out. 
Also I would like to have a family and a family pet because they’re clever and they are well behaved.
My dream is to go on a plane with my family for a holiday to Turkey.
I hope I get chickens so that I get fresh eggs for my family and I hope my dogs don’t get my hens!

Some great ideas Jordan on what you would love to achieve in your life.Well done!

Hopes and dreams


When I am an adult I like to go would like to go to Turkey.

I hope my dream is going to Thailand because I’ve never been before.

I would also like to be a Nurse so that I can make sick people feel well.

I like to be a vet because I like animals and I would like to take care of them when they are sick.

I would like to learn how to fly an aeroplane. it would be a new skill and it would be exciting.

I like to be a zoo keeper because I like to feed the animals and take care of them.

Well done on writing so many great ideas about things you would like to do in the future. 
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