Marks for life (Big write)

During lockdown, people have been reading  more books: children’s books, adult’s   books and lots of cooking and baking books. That means thousand upon thousand of pages are being turned every day. Are you fed up of losing your page? Then we are the company for you. Marks for life offers you a personalise bookmark,  which is designed to improve your reading experience during this unprecedented time . How could you resist this? For sure, you would want to read your treasured classic books. For years ,this bookmark will keep your prized possessions pristine.  Hundreds of people may be thinking – how will they receive their personalise, unique  bookmarks? But that’s not a problem  at all because Marks for life will bring that happiness straight to your door step, providing something so simple but yet , so inspirational: bringing joy to your home sweet home. Some people will use this wonderful bookmark  to save their page; others will be inspired by our astonishing quotes and designs. Whether it is a gift  to someone or a treat for yourself  , we plan to provide an affordable price for all to buy. This £1.50 inspirational bookmark is something you can  not resist.

In the future, we plan to expand our company Marks for life , by developing more stationary: pencil cases , personalise pencils, rulers and some other new unique equipment. However , without your support our dreams will not come true . Buying our unique bookmarks, which are from Marks for life, will enable us to increase our profits so that we can  begin on the next chapter of our wonderful journey. I know that, with your support , Marks for life will be a global success. If you are able to see the potential of my company the way I do , together we can save thousands of lost book pages.

Thank you for listening to my speech  , together  we are strong , together we will be a global success. 

Wow Marcella! A very passionate pitch, using so many of the A FOREST PIE persuasive features. I can’t wait to hear this being read out. 

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