Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day?

Throughout this week , we have been covering the story of a king’s risky decision of gifting his children a pet dragon for their fifth birthday. Regardless of the dangers, the king still concludes to gifting his children a pet dragon as he understands that the twins would have to reign across the kingdom one day ,meaning that the dragon would become a practical ally.This contributes us to the question,“Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day?”

We all know what a beneficial pet dragon is capable of doing, however there are safer and simpler ways to protect the twins. I do not approve gifting someone something dangerous for future uses is acceptable as there must be countless times where the dangerous thing could be disastrous and deadly.Rather than having painful troubles now, I believe that it is unnecessary.

I do not get the point of gifting somebody something that may cause destruction daily for a possibility of the dangerous thing to help them one day in the future.Having something threatening to shield you isn’t always the most secure way to protect,by the cause of a dragon’s violence.It is a fire-breathing deadly beast that all shall fear; not an expected adorable obeying little puppy.On the other hand, if it does behave, you will still never learn to be independent and determine danger when alone by relying on a dragon. Guarding his children from the outside real world , the children would never have any useful skills for when they are mature.The dragon is like a barrier that blocks the children from succeeding in the society, as nobody wants to live in a kingdom that a dragon controls… All the citizens of the kingdom won’t trust and rely on their king, if the king himself is relying on a dragon.

We all have different opinions on whether the argument for this issue is for or against,however there are sufficient amounts of evidence to make me believe that it is not okay to gift someone something dangerous, though you may suppose that is could help them one day.From the perspective that I am standing at right now, I admit that the King should really consider his options before taking the risk, but pick out a suitable and necessary gift for the children’s fifth birthday.After my acknowledgements created for this issue, what is your opinion on the matter? Do you think this is okay?

Very well done, Qian Qian. A detailed, expanded piece of writing with very clear points, good use of Year 6 writing skills and relevant vocabulary.  Brilliant work!

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