The fiver challenge . Carnval games

The United Kingdom is in lockdown: Everyone is stuck at home; nowhere to go; you cant see Grandma. Are you getting tired of your four walls? Do you crave the outside? Are you being confined to your back garden? But in these strange times there is something that can help. My product is a classic carnival game, there are six tins and one of the six have a prize under them. The aim of the game is to hit the correct tin over and win a prize . And for 25p you can have one throw at the tins and hay maybe you could win.

Carnvgames is fun for all the family! Delivered as a portable tin can game or you can come to our stall. With prizes galore you wont be able to resist. As more people are cooped up in there living room and are missing the fun of the fayre, our company brings exactly that. Win a prize – just throw the ball. Maybe you will win! There is a 1 in 6 chance that you will win. The homemade, traditional carnival game will be delivered direct to you. Some people with embrace the challenging aspects of the game; other will love winning the prizes. The price of our game is a bargain at only 25p per throw. And hey! One quarter of our profit will go to charity.

This game is just the beginning. In the future, we as a company, Carnvgames, will be expanding: increasing the variety of games; setting up a leader board for each game; giving more to charity (whether that be a percentage of our profits or toys). We have big ambitions as a small company to expand. However, if we can’t acquire enough money, sadly the expansion of our company will not be able to ahead. And our dreams will become a mere memory. I fully believe that when Carnvgames is launched it will become the most popular game out there. If you can see the potential of this product the way I do, we can end the boredom of lockdown together.

Thank you for listening to my speech and I look forward to seeing you play the games soon.

Well done Connall. A good pitch with lots of different A FOREST PIE features included. 


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