Biography of L. Frank Baum

Early life and childhood


On the fifteenth of may , 1856, in New York Lyman Frank Baum was born , the grate orthur was confined to the for walls of hi bed room because his hart did not form properly at birth as he once said , ” Never give up … no one knows whats going to happen “.This did not stop him.he did not play with other children as i said he did stay in his room which when he was in there  he rote books that was his favored thing to do and he loved it .




L Frank Baum was born into a wealthy family his dad was a barrel manufacture he had for brothers and three sisters witch is a lot of siblings .because he had such a wealthy family that means he when to a military school but because he had a existing heart problem he was only able to atened his military school for two years .


Middle age and books


In his middle age his book writing sciles started of and he started publishing books . most  non book was wizard of oz , witch was published in 1900.his books reached all around the world and now every one had herd ,read or seen the wonderful wizard of oz .but mosed people new the it as Americas first fairy tail.


The movie


the movie for the wizard of oz was made in 1914 it was a hit susses the movie captured the imagination of thousuns of children and even teens and adults . the movie consisted of seven main charictors with Dorthy at the center . the carictors were Dorthy,cowardly lion , skear crow, tin man, witch of the west ,sorceress of the south and the wizard of oz.


later life and death


the last book he wrote before he died was the” Glinda of oz ” his hart condition got wers and wers  and in 1919 he sadly died (he was a gate arther)

l.frank baum

Early life

L. frank Baum was born in the 15th may 1856

at a early age l. frank Baum had a heart condition witch meant he could not play like the other kids. This meant he only had three years at military school because of the condition he had. He liked to make storeys for him and his friends. He lived in a house with his mother and his father. He also lived with some of his 4 brothers and his 3 sisters. He was one of eight children.

His jobs/Early career

l. frank Baum had multiple jobs like a employee at a locale convene store And  many other job titles as such. He also had a job at his dads theater- He even wrote his own play called “the maid of arran” a musical play.


he was married in 1882 ton Marries Mand. her mother a head in the women’s writes march.

Mid life

His father died in 1890. making his mother and him devastated from hearing this news but he know he had to keep on going on and he crated a book called the wizard of oz  he published the wizard of oz in 1900 after his fathers death 11 years prier to the book being published after it was published he made a line in the book a quote saying ” there’s no place like home “.



He had 4 kids frank josh Baum, rebert station Baum ,harry real Baum and kethren  gage Baum.


Liam Baldwin







LC:to use developed noun phrases to add detail to sentences.

Ansel Adams was born  the 20 Th Feb 1902  he was famous for photographing nature  at its  best with a black and white camera . he commonly photographed new mexico and Yosemite national park .

the pitcher titled  “canyon de national monument ” realy stands out mainly because of the black and white camera i think that typ of camera realy makes the groves of the canun stand out . you can see that he has yoused the rue of three on his photo the main mountain  is in the middle and he has put another mountain no the left so i t dose not look bear . in the for ground there is the mountain   to the left   in the mid ground is the remains of a river and a mountain and in the back ground is the cloud’s.

The other picture that i like is ” The Tetons and the snake ” i think at its name is cool because the snake is soposed to be the river  as it cervs and the tetons are the mountains .he has made the photo in a way that  the river disapiares .

i prefer the grande canune one better than eny other photo because it has so much ditial and i love the faced that he could ues color .

Some good descriptions used today to describe Ansel’s work.  You have thought careful in how you describe the landscapes.

Check and change key spellings in your writing and make sure each sentence makes sense.  

monday 2nd march 2020 lc to use develop noun phrases to add detail to sentences

Ansel Adams was born the 20th of February 1902.

he was famous for his photograph and despite his time when he could of got a new coloured  camera but he chose a black and white one instead. He was the one to make photograph a art form before photos were not thought as a art form but just a picture. but Ansel Adams made it the art form it is now. then it was his art form and it still is his art form. thanks to him it is now a actually art form.


In 1941 Ansel Adams went to lake Ellery in sierra Nevada in the picture there is the rule of thirds being used he thought the ice on the lake in the mid ground and the back ground. As well as that there is also some trees in the bottom  right corner of the photograph. And some mountains and some hills in the photograph as well in the back ground.


After a year, Ansel Adams created a photograph of the Canyon de Chelly national monument in Arizona there is a    semi mounting in the middle of the canyon. The canyon is wrapt around by a smooth stone witch aperies there was a river or a lake there once.


I liked that in the first picture there was a mounting there but I liked the massive mounting in the middle of the picture they are both very wonderful pinchers in there own way like the first picture  had a small mounting in it at the top and in the second Picture there was a huge rocky cliff in the middle of the photograph and I prefer the seconded picture because it has more in it.


Ansel Adams died 22nd of April 1984

Liam Baldwin

Some good use of noun phrases to describe and some different sentence structures used.

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