Mystery Pictures

Right now, in different countries, adults and children are feeling blank:Streets remain in silence, friends and relatives kept separated and people not knowing what to do. Have you been like this ?In a situation like this, humans, like you and me, are trapped within walls and under roofs, feeling depressed, inactive and bored. Do you want to give up feeling like you’re being locked up in your home? If so, my product is here to help your situation. The most mysterious, most surprising and the newest invention in the business. There are hidden and unknown tasks in different pictures, that are able to keep your day busy. Are you prepared to leave the boredom behind? Are you ready to feel the happiness you once had before this pandemic?

Mystery Picture offers busy tasks, to break the boredom in lockdown. In your customised pictures, which you’ll have to discover, will be a range of tasks for you to complete. I am sure that all your appalling thoughts will start to vanish, as time goes by,But  we are here to refill your days.  We present to all people, young and old, by giving them ideas and ‘work’ to bring satisfaction in your miserable days.You can access our product by going on social media and we will deliver your personalised picture on your door step. In other words, you will see our product on beautifully designed posters that will be in your mail very soon. Some people, like you and me, could use this unique product to keep ourselves occupied during lockdown; some may want to use this product to  bring some colour and excitement into their homes. Our merchandise’s value costs £3.60, however as time moves on and numerous people make purchases, our product will improve for the better..

In the future, we, Mystery Pictures, aim to develop our product by increasing the number of tasks, making the picture light up and formulating them double sided. Without your help, we (Mystery Pictures) are unable to reach our aspirations. By purchasing our general product, you are able to make a difference in our lives and your own. From this, we are able to prepare you more fascinating pictures to decorate your home and with  your support, we can go on to the next chapter in our destiny. If you have faith in us, and if you can see our dreams ahead of us like we can then buy our product today.

Thank you for listening and giving us time.


Well done Hannah, although you only had a week to develop and complete your product and speech, you should be proud of your achievements. You have created an excellent product that is aimed at the current market. Your speech is informative, aimed at the audience and you have included many of the A FOREST PIE features. Mrs Spenceley

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