Masker pitch (Giuliano)

Everyone is  scared of Coronavirus: in their homes; brains full of fear; scared and worried faces being hidden. Are you one of these people? Today I will present my most amazing product you’ve ever seen. If you’re one of scared people I’ve got a question for you. Do you want to keep safe?

Masker will provide  a high quality mask for any anyone of  any age to keep you safe. As lockdown starts to ease around the world, we still have to keep safe when we go outside our homes. This mask will provide you with the safety you need. The more shops that are opening; the more you are going to have to go out. My high quality masks will be sold in a local school in Huntingdon, close to your homes. There are people who have become very sick from Coronavirus. Do you want to be one of those people? These masks will be sold in lots of different colours, which the public has chosen. These masks will only cost £1.50, that is very cheap for one high quality mas!. These masks will keep you safe from Coronavirus.

In the future, we plan to expand our company to add more products to the list: hand sanitiser, gloves and cleaning products. If you don’t buy my product, I will have to delay the extension. So please buy my product. I personally think that our company will go a long way. I see ahead into a big future for Masker.



Well done Guiliano, you have shown a real interest in your company and worked hard to improve your writing this week. You have included lots of A FOREST PIE features and followed the sentence structure of them. From Mrs Spenceley





tunnel scene caroline

One night Caroline was sleeping and woke up from a squeaking noise under her bed. She looked under and found a mouse. Then! Mysteriously the mouse ran out of the room, so she followed it. When she was on the stair case she looked out of the window, seeing a spiral going around and around. She followed the mouse further. Then the mouse went into little door that she never noticed before, she was amazed! She opened the little door and found a tunnel. The wind was whistling through the tunnel. When she went in, it just went silent, hearing nothing each way around her. When she came to the other side, she opened the door and found herself in an identical world of her house.

Great descriptions today and you’ve led the reader through the scene using adverbials and conjunctions.

To uplevel this writing now, add some descriptions of how Coraline is feeling- is she excited and happy to go into this new world or is she worried and anxious about it?

This is Me

My talents

I have quite a few talents. My most talented subject is maths. In maths, I can  times by 10,100 and 1000 and coordinates are my strongest points, although now we are learning lots of new equations  and my feelings towards maths  might change. When I go to secondary school,  I want to expand my knowledge about maths and hope to become good at those too. Now let’s get on with one of the most famous game in the world: “Minecraft”. A friend of mine let me play this game about 2 years ago, that was it…I was hooked! As time went on, I got better and better at the game so now I can build a lot of big buildings and I know loads of special features. In one of my worlds, I even made a working plane! That is quite hard to make in the game! I am good at making red stone buildings too.

My loves and passions

My favorite subject and love is space science. When I grow up I want to be a space scientist. Also I would love to work for NASA.  NASA is a government agency  that is responsible for making sure that the U.S. space program is only used to benefit mankind. Their mission is to explore space and flight research (aeronautics).  NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
As I have grown up,  I have always been interested in space; space travel, stars, planets and dreamed of being a astronaut.  Last year I read about the Kepler space telescope and the how scientists are discovering new planets. They name the planets after the telescope, for example Kepler 22b. They have found a number of earth-like planets too which I have started making a PowerPoint presentation on. I think at this moment Astronomy is what I like best.  Astronomy is the study of space, stars, planets, the sun, the moon, galaxies and more. Black holes are very interesting too.

My aspirations

In the future, I want somewhere to live and will need a good job to support myself. I would love to live in a mansion with a gigantic garden, with an indoor and outdoor Olympic sized swimming pool, fitness center and last, but not least, a games room.

I aspire to be a NASA scientist. To be hired as a NASA scientist, I need the minimum of a bachelor’s degree in physics, astronomy, astrophysics, geology and space science or a similar field. I also need to be good at keeping secrets. If I want to work for NASA, I will have to move to America. This all sounds exciting to me, although it’s going to be hard work!

It’s important to me because I like learning about space science.



the dimension dream

LC to use character dialogue and action  to advance  events tn narrotivie writing


One day  there was an man called  Keving  had just come back from work that when he saw  his mirror light up.  It looked like there was something opening  up  like a portal. he went towards it then he saw a dark and gloomy place inside. then he got dragged into the mirror. he looked around him in this  dark place. he said “what is this place “. “this is the end nether dimension”  whispered  a voice behind him. “who was that” said keving.. keving  was terrified.

“I am Ben” said that voice again.” hi” said keving” slowly walking  towards him. he had build a small tent  out of materials around  the dimension . ” what is your name” said ben. ” my name is keving”. he gave me some food  and something to drink.

then we herd a roar coming from the woods. ben said ” that’s a monster “. “what !” screamed  Keving . “don’t worry it only sees us if where scared” said Ben. ” It could be any where” said Keving . “it won’t com here unless where scared ” said ben . they herd the roar again but it was louder. then I saw something  move. “its coming towards us ! “I said.

It just whent passed me like it did not notice me. ” Ben are you ok ?” I asked . “yes”. Ben got up. it looked like it had steped on his finger . ” I think  you’ve broken your finger”.

that was terrifying. it’s turning around  oh no it see’s us .   it is going to you first.  don’t just stand there run! noo it ate ben. oh no it s coming towards me.  then I woke up and realised it was a dream.


A good story Giuliano with lots of descriptions and powerful verbs used.  Read through and add sentence punctuation (capital letters and full stops.  Also, try to develop your ending so that the reader finds out why Kevin has the dream.