my talents

My talents:

I am talented at  programming because sometimes I am good at
programming Scratch.  Also I play the guitar on my
tablet when my little brother asks me to play some music. Lots of people tell me I am good at chatting a lot and asking questions. I am good at riding  my bike with my family. Although I am good at Mangahigh  I need to practice more.

My Loves and Passions:

I really enjoy playing on my PS4 because it makes feel happy on Friday nights. I also love using cardboard boxes to make forts and windows.

Hopes and Dreams

I would like to be a police man because I liked like to look after police dogs when I’m older.
When I am older I would like to learn to drive so I can take my kids out. 
Also I would like to have a family and a family pet because they’re clever and they are well behaved.
My dream is to go on a plane with my family for a holiday to Turkey.
I hope I get chickens so that I get fresh eggs for my family and I hope my dogs don’t get my hens!

Some great ideas Jordan on what you would love to achieve in your life.Well done!

the astrout it away to live with him in space.

 lc; t12 to use character, dialogue  and action to advance events in narrative writing.

Mrs and Mr fox lived under a old tree  there was two owls lived on top of the tree where there nest is.

There was a sudden crash in the nest, it was the nose of a spaceship and suddenly a fire started from the back of an engine it was spedding as fast you can go there is a lot of beeping in the space craft and everything was  mad.

The astronaut  are anode with the beeping,  they had to contact NASA to ask if they can send more astonauts to try and help fix the throttle.

Mrs and Mr Owl are getting their food ready for the winter, they needed to escape from the fire they had eggs to save so Mrs Owl grabs the shopping bag to put the eggs in. Mr Owl picks up the baby owlets and they both fly away to find a new nest.

At the bottom of the tree the rabbit is gathering all the animals in the different parts of the forest to try and save them. the rats are trying to dig up to surface of the forest to try  and  help get the mice out of the burrow.

At the top of the tree the astronaut is trying to repair the nose on the space ship. The fire brigade arrive from Texas, they try to find  water from underground but they cant find any because it’s all dried up from the heat from the fire. The wind is blowing as strong as the  strongest tree ever and the blaze is spreading down the forest and its killing the wildlife. The firemen are saving the rabbits , even the snakes and putting them in a dark cave where no bear is allowed and the mice are looking for shelter to stay for the night.

The air is much more smoky than it was and the owls are still looking for another place to stay, the owlets are hatching in the bag, there are windows in the bag so the babies can see out. Mr OWL is looking for mice to give to the babies because they’re hungry but he can’t see them. Mrs Owl is too far away and she needs to rest, she’s been flying for 8 hours. Mr Owl was flying as well, they flew for 900 miles and ended up in Hollywood.

In the forest the fire is still spreading, it is a forest fire ! The tree has fallen down into the flames, the astronaut has rung up NASA for back up. NASA finds a farmer to winch down the spacecraft and repair it. The fire brigade find a pond and they refill the tanks to stop the fire.

In the farmers barn there is a manhole to get more water, he has an underground pond so the firemen can refill to put out the fire. They put out the fire and the wildlife is safe.


Wow, Jordan. I love this story.  It has a clear structure and the problem of the forest fire is solved by the firemen at the end.  You have used some good descriptions and you have written well in sentences.  At te end, could the animals help put the fire out too?