People getting annoyed; ongoing arguments; people stuck at home: 2020 has been the year of isolation. Family’s all over the country are getting annoyed, frustrated and angry stuck in their houses: is this you? Finally, the activity for you has arrived. I will present you with a solution to your problems. The only question left to ask is: Are you ready to be amazed?

WaterPower provides epic water battle for families, kids and friends; so you can truly get your own back. As summer is coming and you’re cooped up with you’re  family, you need to get out. The water battle is a family friendly activity for all ages. The water battle will be based in your local school field so you can access it easily. Some people will love the challenge and battle during their water power experience; others will simply come to cool down from the summer sun. WaterPower has something for everyone. We are selling an hour of fun for £3 per person with a option to buy water balloons at a additional cost, we are also doing a family ticket for £8.

In the future, we plan to expand the water battles by adding leader boards, medals and trophies for the people with the most points. However, without your support, our dreams will be lost in darkness. But buying our ticket for a water battle, will help us to achieve our dreams. I believe my service is going to be a success across the Nation. If you are interested in my service, like me, then come and have fun. Thank you for listening. I hope to see you at my water battle soon.


Well done Corey, I know you have been very enthusiastic about your company since the beginning and it shows in your pitch. The is very well written and uses lots of the A FOREST PIE features. Well done again. Mrs Spenceley

School report

Although I don’t talk about my talents,I have quite a few. One that I have had for a long time is being good at making friends. I have had this talent since I was in year one, so when I was five I was good at that when I made friends with Conall. More talents are: being good at football, fixing technology and being good at finding solutions for problems. I have been good at football for two years because I joined a football team, where I made friends and I play in defence. Also I found out I was good at technology when I tried to fix my mum’s iPad and that was when I was 7 years old! it was hard. My last talent is a new one, which is solving problems- what’s a good talent

I love to make stuff because it makes me calm and quiet for a few minutes so I’m different when I’m making stuff. I also love to have fun because it’s something that gets you ACTIVE which is good at the moment.

My goals and hopes and dreams
My goals, hopes and dreams. I have lots of them. One of my hopes is to have my own bungalow in Cornwall . I know what I need to get my own bungalow -one is I need money. My dream is to have a family and children but only one child. My hopes are to be a high intensity therapist or a CEO of a company but all my money will not be spent on cars and mansions but on my family, friends and company because it is what you should do. My goals are to do my GCSE’s well and get a qualification in psychology or a qualification in technology.

How to survive in lockdown

This year covid 19 hit the earth a started killing people so all the schools closed down making people stay at home. This Guide will help you by telling you things to do.

In the morning at 9am go on YouTube to watch joe Wicks

Find games like snakes and ladders or heads down thumbs up.

If you are low on food and drinks get someone from your family to go to the shops and get some food and drinks but tell them to not over shop and leave food for other people.

If you have a pet like a cat or dog play with it in your garden or if it’s a cat indoors.

If you what to learn a magic trick that makes some fun go to this website https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrHnc-CuRHA

If you want to do something in you back yard plant fruit seeds and flowers.

If it’s raining watch your favourite movie on Netflix, Disney+ or amazon prime.

If you are tied put relaxing music on and relax in your bed


Well done,Corey. I really like your advice. You have added a range of things to do to keep fit physically, mentally, to improve your home and garden as well as for relaxing.





LC : T12 To use character, dialogue and action to advance events in narrative writing

Planet war

In a far  galaxy lives a king, a lizard king called Corvak  and his friend Benkey the talking dog. They both live on Loosker  a black and red planet  what’s as hot as the sun. But on an other  planet called Bluesker  his evil brother Borvak was ploting a plan to invade his brothers planet. Every day Covack and Benkey were visiting they lizard base also known as the army base to train them and talk but benkey Mostly went they for the food but he had to train the dog part of the army what are his brothers and sisters that didn’t get picked by the king when he was a kid. The king and benkey had been friends since when the king was a 3 year old prince but his mum and dad died in a war against corvacks brother borvack  so corvack was crowned king of his dads planet loosakeyer and  borvacks mum was king of bluesker and borvack got crowned king of that planet but corvack didn’t care. While corvack and benkey  was training the army they heard a big, loud and violent noise  far away …

Corvack, Benkey and all the army ran to the place were the noise came from. When they got their they stood in front of a large hole looking at one of Corvacks brothers army space ships with his brother  in it saying that he declares war with his brother on the planet that every one has their wars on called planet of the wars. So Corvack agreed to the deal that if Corvack killed Borvack he will get Bluesker and if Borvack kills Corvack Borvack gets Looskyer but if one wins their get both bluesker and looskyer but if both die it will go to one of there talking or it will go to corvacks and borvacks younger brother sorvack  what rules his own planet.

so Corvack and his army got to planet of the wars then Borvack and his army turned up. Before the war started Corvack and Borvack shook hands then went back to their army’s to make their plans for the war. Then their started war for the next 25 years then stopped because everyone was tied and the rule was when one team was tied they had to stop for a year or two years so Corvack and his army went back to looskyer  to train and train for a year then went back to planet of the wars to start the war for another 24 and a half years because half way through the 25 year corvacks wife had a baby so Corvack ran at his brother and  killed him so he ended the war with half of his army then went to bluesker and got crowned the king then went back to looskyer to see his new son and called his son norvack and said he is the second most important person on bluesker and looskyer because he’s the most important person. But 33 years later he died


Some good characters, Corey and I like the fact you have chosen a sci-fi tory to write.  Make sure each sentence is punctuated and read through, making sure your spellings are correct too.  Try using description to develop your characters and settings too.