Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous, even though it can help them one day? By Elle Jepson

Recently, we saw an image that was based on a story about a king who had gifted his children a dragon on their fifth birthday. Despite the King knowing that the dangers of the dragon could harm the children, he hoped if he gave the children the dragon then they would train it and one day the dragon would be able to protect them. Do you think this was okay? Or do you think this is to much of a risk to take?

This has lead us to disscus the question, “is it okay to gift someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day?”

I looked into depth on weapons and I chose to research about a specific weapon which was a gun. I researched different kinds of stories that involved guns.  One of the stories I read was that a man had been given a gun and one day his son and his nephew found the gun and started playing with it.  They didn’t know that it was loaded and the little boy accidentally shot his cousin in the arm.  Luckily the boy lived but this just shows how dangerous guns can be and I am certain that this proves my point of why I think you should not gift someone something dangerous even though it could help them in the future, so i strongly disagree. 

Following on from this point I decided to do some extensive research and I found some compelling evidence based on facts and figures.  CBS reported that on average 114,328 people are killed in America each year and in 2019 there was 417 mass shootings, the highest number since 2014. I think this just goes to show how dangerous guns can be. I feel very strongly that to gift somebody something that has the ability to take a life is irresponsible. 

In America there is a huge divide between people that think it should be ok to own a gun to protect yourself and people that think guns should be banned altogether.  I believe that I have given some good reasons based on my research as to why it is not ok to gift someone something dangerous.  Even though guns can be used to protect yourself, I feel the figures show that guns are extremely dangerous and too many people have died from being shot.  After reading everything I’ve researched and seen how many people have lost their lives each year because of guns, do you think guns should be banned?  Would you ever own a gun?

Some very detailed, thought- out points, Elle and you have very clear views on dragons as well as the dangers of guns too. 

One thought on “Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous, even though it can help them one day? By Elle Jepson

  1. Very interesting the way you compared the two – something mystical with something more familiar. It supports your argument and leads your readers to really think about this choice.

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