My Talents

I am good at baking because cakes are tasty.  I am also good at being kind.  Singing is my favourite talent because I sing at home and because it makes me feel cheerful.  When I am at home, I play my maths game.

My loves and passions:

I love to go on my phone after school.  My favourite thing to do is to play dolls with my sister.  My passion is to lay down all day watching tv in my room.  I like to do baking in my house.  I love to eat ice cream at the seaside.I really like to do the washing up. I like to do my homework at home and I also like to have some quiet time when my sisters.



Hopes and dreams


When I am an adult I like to go would like to go to Turkey.

I hope my dream is going to Thailand because I’ve never been before.

I would also like to be a Nurse so that I can make sick people feel well.

I like to be a vet because I like animals and I would like to take care of them when they are sick.

I would like to learn how to fly an aeroplane. it would be a new skill and it would be exciting.

I like to be a zoo keeper because I like to feed the animals and take care of them.

Well done on writing so many great ideas about things you would like to do in the future. 
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the foset of the monters LC;T12 To use character ,dialogue and action to advance

In the day Emma and Snow were sill looking for that monster then sudleuy  the monster jumptd from bined a tree and cashed the little girls back home when the girls were in the house safe there were vrery hugrey so there ate the biggist cholate cake in the whoel  wied wold .    the next day the girls set out agan  but that time there bouert some spllies with them so there can chaet the monster and this is what there bouete a net a blakit with the net in it the girls hided bhiend a bushe in the foset the monster was comeing there hred a lot of foot septs the same thing happed anain but the girls just not quike enfeof to get away from thos monsters so the monsters ate the girls and the girls were never seen again thire mother and father are very worrid about them aftey a few days later there had some tiws and there grew up into me so then there set out to find a lovly fowly grdene  but little did there kowe that the fower graned was owend by


A good story setting and you have developed your ideas well. Make sure you punctuate each sentence well and check and change some spellings in your work.