The fiver challenge . Carnval games

The United Kingdom is in lockdown: Everyone is stuck at home; nowhere to go; you cant see Grandma. Are you getting tired of your four walls? Do you crave the outside? Are you being confined to your back garden? But in these strange times there is something that can help. My product is a classic carnival game, there are six tins and one of the six have a prize under them. The aim of the game is to hit the correct tin over and win a prize . And for 25p you can have one throw at the tins and hay maybe you could win.

Carnvgames is fun for all the family! Delivered as a portable tin can game or you can come to our stall. With prizes galore you wont be able to resist. As more people are cooped up in there living room and are missing the fun of the fayre, our company brings exactly that. Win a prize – just throw the ball. Maybe you will win! There is a 1 in 6 chance that you will win. The homemade, traditional carnival game will be delivered direct to you. Some people with embrace the challenging aspects of the game; other will love winning the prizes. The price of our game is a bargain at only 25p per throw. And hey! One quarter of our profit will go to charity.

This game is just the beginning. In the future, we as a company, Carnvgames, will be expanding: increasing the variety of games; setting up a leader board for each game; giving more to charity (whether that be a percentage of our profits or toys). We have big ambitions as a small company to expand. However, if we can’t acquire enough money, sadly the expansion of our company will not be able to ahead. And our dreams will become a mere memory. I fully believe that when Carnvgames is launched it will become the most popular game out there. If you can see the potential of this product the way I do, we can end the boredom of lockdown together.

Thank you for listening to my speech and I look forward to seeing you play the games soon.

Well done Connall. A good pitch with lots of different A FOREST PIE features included. 


Survival Gide for the lockdown

We are in the middle of a pandemic . In the tricky times of the COVID 19 outbreak you may be isolating and you may have nothing to do or you don’t know what to do so this survival Gide will get you through theas challenging times .


You could learn how to shuffle a deck of cards like a poker master or just play a board game but just because you are  isolating dose not mean you can’t go in you back garden . Heck ,you could pass your own time garden planting pumpkins , cucumber, tomatoes, rocket ,mushroom, sunflower , Fox gloves and roses.


to keep you positive and happy experiment with flavour you could make a mouth watering Beans basil and sauce or this list of treats guaranteed to make you taste buds tingle . Lame orzo pasta bake, carnaroli risotto , curried noodles ,cauliflower cheese and back of cupboard pie .

Binging TV

Watching or binging a tv show in you free time can be a good way of catching up on tv shows you have missed like the mandlorion , Brooklyn 99 or stranger things . So meany movie so little time.


Get your old  duvet and pull up a chair and get comfy first make a hot water bottle second get a chocolate bar and sit down oh and spoil yourself .


Do not take advantage of this and thank everyone who is fighting against COVID 19.


Well done, Conall on this comprehensive information on the COVID 19 situation and things to do to keep yourself busy.  I particularly like your ideas of recipes and you must show me the recipes for curried noodles and back of cupboard pie!

Biography of L. Frank Baum

Early life and childhood


On the fifteenth of may , 1856, in New York Lyman Frank Baum was born , the grate orthur was confined to the for walls of hi bed room because his hart did not form properly at birth as he once said , ” Never give up … no one knows whats going to happen “.This did not stop him.he did not play with other children as i said he did stay in his room which when he was in there  he rote books that was his favored thing to do and he loved it .




L Frank Baum was born into a wealthy family his dad was a barrel manufacture he had for brothers and three sisters witch is a lot of siblings .because he had such a wealthy family that means he when to a military school but because he had a existing heart problem he was only able to atened his military school for two years .


Middle age and books


In his middle age his book writing sciles started of and he started publishing books . most  non book was wizard of oz , witch was published in 1900.his books reached all around the world and now every one had herd ,read or seen the wonderful wizard of oz .but mosed people new the it as Americas first fairy tail.


The movie


the movie for the wizard of oz was made in 1914 it was a hit susses the movie captured the imagination of thousuns of children and even teens and adults . the movie consisted of seven main charictors with Dorthy at the center . the carictors were Dorthy,cowardly lion , skear crow, tin man, witch of the west ,sorceress of the south and the wizard of oz.


later life and death


the last book he wrote before he died was the” Glinda of oz ” his hart condition got wers and wers  and in 1919 he sadly died (he was a gate arther)

LC:to use developed noun phrases to add detail to sentences.

Ansel Adams was born  the 20 Th Feb 1902  he was famous for photographing nature  at its  best with a black and white camera . he commonly photographed new mexico and Yosemite national park .

the pitcher titled  “canyon de national monument ” realy stands out mainly because of the black and white camera i think that typ of camera realy makes the groves of the canun stand out . you can see that he has yoused the rue of three on his photo the main mountain  is in the middle and he has put another mountain no the left so i t dose not look bear . in the for ground there is the mountain   to the left   in the mid ground is the remains of a river and a mountain and in the back ground is the cloud’s.

The other picture that i like is ” The Tetons and the snake ” i think at its name is cool because the snake is soposed to be the river  as it cervs and the tetons are the mountains .he has made the photo in a way that  the river disapiares .

i prefer the grande canune one better than eny other photo because it has so much ditial and i love the faced that he could ues color .

Some good descriptions used today to describe Ansel’s work.  You have thought careful in how you describe the landscapes.

Check and change key spellings in your writing and make sure each sentence makes sense.  


slaves .  we have been tossed around sins the African american outbreak as the rich white people say. the dirty racist idiots they treat  us like we are rodents it all started in the year 2009 the Russians just gained air superiority over the united states of america then the front line attack  luckily  they only got three states then america called for a peace treaty . the rules stated that with all farmers in the three states to get back on track they were freely aloud to capture eny African american within those three states .the second rule said that eny american law was now abolished and Russians laws would be used instead .


siting in the back of a carig pulled by horses chained up my hands held above my head with a chain and cuffs . hi my name is three my life is a hit and miss i was born in the mist of the grait  Russian war i dint have a mother or a father just a master so far have had 13 of them all white i have bean escaping them sins i was 16 all buy my self they would never notice because they had so meany of them  but this one was different he was fully quipped  he had a lever action rifle by his sighed when you want to escape then you have to notice every diteal the jurny we were making was tacking a huge amount of time finally after what felt like a life time we stopped it was now dark and the look of trees looming over you did not help . a small abandoned building made of rioting would was stearing at me .

there was a horde of spiders and dust then a man lifted up a rug and there it was a trap dor that is what took them 10 hours of traveling a trap dore .he opened it then he led me in and for the ferst time he spock to me and said “the  flight of stares walk down them”.


wen i reached the end of the stairs the man in black  opened  the dor i walked in to the blood rided room . there wer three dors that said  toucher room the second dor said interrogation and last room but not least said offis of BLANK i was pushed in to the interrogation room and oh my god. if the war taught me one thing is that stay calm and dont stres. on the flor lay a dead man no open wouned  mus of bean fed some thing harmful or maybe not fed at all he was mall nourished i toled  my self to calm doun and to clear my head BANG the dor shut behiend me a man walked in then loked the dor he said ” we know what you done you have escaped 13 farming compounds you will be faceing the juj of the grat 3 staits of rusha or be sent of to a unescapable compound your dicetion  i chose the compound .

Conall, you created a very interesting idea about your slave character and I especially loved the way this character narrated the story to the reader.  This shows me you are a very creative writer.  Please punctuate your writing, check in with me on spellings but to make the story even better, think about how your character cna make one final escape at the end to make it a “freedom” story.  I feel disappointed with the ending as everything leads up to this point but doesn’t happen.