Is it okay to give something dangerous, if it may help one day?

Is it okay to give something dangerous, if it may help one day?

A moment ago, we saw a picture of a story about a king who decided to give away a dangerous pet, which is a dragon, to his twins. The dragon is supposed to help them rule one day as kings sharing their kingdoms. The dragon will be a good ally of theirs and will help with ruling their kingdom. The king knew that the dragon will be dangerous, but it was worth the risk to help them make ruling their kingdom easier. All of this led us to one question, “Is it okay to give something dangerous, if it could help them one day?”

In my opinion, I think the king has made the right choice. This is because this will develop the responsibilities of the twins and will show that being King is is not easy and comes with many responsibilities. There are many ways to make the dragon safe if the dragon decides to be dangerous, so it will be perfect for the twins to have a dragon that could scare off offending enemies. The dragon will make ruling the kingdom much easier as the kids can focus on their duties and the dragon defending them and their kingdom. It might be a weapon for the children, but at least the weapon has low chances of being triggered against themselves. This weapon would be a toy gun in their perspective, and a heavy gun for other kingdoms. This is why kings will focus on attacking easier kingdoms rather than attacking a large kingdom with multiple allies on their side. The dragon might have to defend the kingdom when attackers attack the kingdom.

However there is an issue, the dragon can not help that much, so why give something potentially dangerous if it has no major use? Following on, there will be 2 kings as the same times, so they will be doing double the work, what will the dragon do that time? The twins will be doing the responsibilities and work two times faster. So there is no need for a pet if they are going to be busy doing their responsibilities while the dragon is doing nothing. Why should the king rely on a pet that will not help that much and waste their time instead of doing major things such as improving the kingdom. The dragon is also useless because it poses a serious danger to people the dragon may not know and may be new citizens. The dragon may be panicked and will be trying to destroy the citizen and thinks that it is an attacker.

In my opinion, I agree with the second paragraph: Not giving them a dragon. A dragon is a waste of time to take care of and they will need to hire people to take care of him, instead of the people have better jobs while the dragon does nothing. The dragon might protect, but there are such things that can also do it like an army. My advice for the king is to give the twins a better gift than this. As it might help in childhood, but in adulthood it will not. What is your opinion on this argument? Do you have a different response?

You have made very clear arguments for both sides of this discussion; detailing points well with evidence on both sides. You then conclude by making your reasoning clear on your opinion in the final paragraph. An excellent piece of writing, Daivam which uses a  good range of Year 6 writing skills too.

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