The Robo589 Extravaganza

It was a dark night. The streets of Dash town were abandoned, no lights flashed from a mile away. But in the distance, a radiant beam of light was shining through the streets of Dash town as a cacophony of noise came from the withered house downtown. But no one was there for 6,583 years, so who had went into the abandoned property? Well soon, we would know.  

Five friends walk through the streets of Dash town seeking out sacred treasure. But what is it? The trail narrows down as they come closer to the famous shop, Shady’s party house. “What are we buying again?” One of the friends ask while he trails behind the rest of the gang. When they enter Shady’s shop, their presence is embraced by Shady. “ How are my best customers going?” “We came for the party materials,” Geo responds. “Just around the corner you’ll see all of it,” Shady directs as the gang scurries away. While they pack all the materials in the bag, Beam sees a light, so bright it melts him alive. “Can we get it, can we!” Beam exclaims. While they prepare their bags to leave, Geo tosses a coin inside of the bubblegum machine and marches out of the shop. As they leave they realise on thing, Kitty’s eaten all the cake and ice cream. “ Kitty, why did you eat all the food!” screams Sinal as he starts to strangle Kitty, who continues to chomp on the cake.

As they trot back to Shady’s party house, the angry sighs of Sinal come to a halt. When they got to the shop, they realised it had been too late. The cake they had bought had fell to the ground half eaten and then, Geo knew something was wrong. But by the time he turned around, all of his friends were missing. When he started to trudge home, he realised he had come upon some ice cream that made a trail into the unknown. As he started to follow the trail, he quickly came to the conclusion that the trail led to Mount Sylinia. That could only mean one thing, and that would lead to another thing. His gang were captured by R.O.I., the evil Robot Octopus Ice cream. While Geo scaled up the mountain, he could hear screams of the dead coming from the mountain. He knew his friends would be next.

When Geo reaches the top of the tapering mountain, he examines for one minute straight, just to realise his friends have been trapped inside the lava of the mountain. While he thinks about a way to trespass the premises, his friends are in the presence of R.I.O. Just as they are about to get annihilated, they hear a loud shout, “ Oh, I know. I could use my blazing ice power. When he gets inside he realises the great R.I.O begging for mercy. But Geo just tells him to come party.

                                                   THE  END

Sofia and the witch.

The blue, cloudy sky was a rainstorm waiting to happen. Suddenly, heavy rain pittered on the ground, and puddles flood the ground.A lovely deer was drinking the rain like it had never had water before. Suddenly, l notice a haunted house. l see an old lady staring at me. The deer ran away with fright; I was scared too.

l decided to enter to find out who she is. It is dark inside and l feel the presence of ghosts.  I more further into the house and find the bedroom. I open the door and see the room is in a mess. In the corner, l see a figure huddled on the floor!  My heart is beating fast; thumping in my chest! I see she has a long, crooked nose. She has long, grey, nitty hair. I see she has a wand! There is a crack of noise and l feel something hit me! I see the room is getting bigger; or am l getting smaller? 

I turn to leave the house and I realise I’m not walking, I’m hopping! I get outside and look into a puddle. To my horror, I see a frog looking back at me.

casper eats pumpkin guts

Casper eats lots of pumpkin guts,

In a land far away there was a small village Westport, and a big festival of a pumpkin carving competition.One day a man joined the carving competition he named his special pumpkin casper. But something was off about that pumpkin he look a bit hungry don’t you think. Once they announced the winner of the festival the pumpkin that the man carved came to life and started to get hungry i knew it he was hungry also lets get back to the story.All of a sudden the pumpkin wanted to eat pumpkin guts i think, casper became an evil pumpkin, everyone was scared until the man Greg’s daughter Anna-Cat called sky-man and sheriff coop will try to save everybody in the village from casper. Everyone was freaking out! Did you actually know what Casper said no-one will escape.

Screaming going left and right, sky man and sheriff coop came to save everyone but maybe not them self. “No one will escape me do you really understand if you want to save them you are going to have to go through me just letting you know i don’t mind eating bones!” Wait do you think Casper is going to eat our hero’s? “I will save them even if it costs me my life” said sheriff coop. That’s brave is it would you do that? Anyway lets get back to the story. BAMM! “NO sheriff coop no why you it should of been me” shouted sky-man! That’s the end 🙁 Just kidding. Casper ate sheriff coop well it was time he was quiet old anyways there is only sky-man left wait where is he going is he getting on a Ryan air who is going to save us now and who goes on Ryan air anyway. “Don’t worry I will save you yess me I maybe a kid but that doesn’t mean I can’t save the village my name is Anna-Cat otto I might not be able to do it myself but all together we can do it.” “ Yess we can.” said Katy Otto. “Yess we can yess.” shouted Oliver and Taylor Otto.They all thought no one can stop them but in reality less all be real there going to get eaten wether they like it or not. What a shame.

Some times there a bad ending the ottos were fighting and fighting but something bad happened really bad they got eaten yeh what a surprise after that Casper just got bored so he put himself in the blender and everyone in the village evacuated they left for good no one ever returned to the village called Westport street why you are probably wondering it’s because of the pumpkin accident. 3 years later the place was abandoned by the people who live there they all split up some went to Australia some went to United kingdom of American bora Bora, Spain even France non of them ever saw each other and definitely will never see the ottos again.

The ostrich who wanted to be a comedian

 September 1st 3090, they lived an ostrich called Bobby. He wanted to be a fantastic legendary comedian when he was older as he was still a little chick. Bobby lived in a field with his family every single day. He was quite friendly but could peck when he was  getting angry. He  had friends called,  Nancy and bob they would do everything together. After he was waiting for ages. After some years him and his friend decided  to leave his troop and go out to and find a place to perform he had found a car ,which was a Lamborghini ,and it was a tight squeeze but they drove far.


They were vibing to some music but then they saw a sign that said “The Big Apple “ he had never heard of the big apple as well as his friends. They went through and could see all different type of animals . He remember he could fill fill his dream of being a legendary  comedian and all of his friend could do they dreams to ,as he remembers the big apple from his dad. They was a wired gate to the entrance I had only seen a grey gate but I saw a fantastic golden gate all of are eyes glistened at the gate. A man wanted to take his car he was so confused but let him take it . Everyone was wearing coulerfl out fits that sparkled in the sun light. We went in all sorts of shops and found out fits they all wore matching ones. Even though it was expensive and they said it was free to take. They went to a salon  Bobby got his feathers plucked as  his friends Nancy had her eyes done and bob got the same as bobby . They  looked amazing.

Bobby ,  nancy and bob had gone round to many places to see if they would let him in  and his friends but they would say no. He got very frustrated as it was his dream of being a comedian . “Hey Nancy do you know when we are going to find a place it is taking forever” explained  bobby. The big apple was really big but not as big as i thought it would be. He went back with is friends and had found his car that was some were creepy but his and his friends camped out in his Lamborghini for the night.

He had been practicing all night and had found someone online that would let us come to proform. He was so happy he woke up his friends and of he went back to the big apple on they way they has got into they sparkly pink out fits Nancy picked them out . He preformed his show  and became a legendary  comedian. As he step out of the room he had had a rush of people come at him. “ Nancy , bob we are famous now”shouted Bobby.


This is the end

For now

The cackling man

One late night , a little girl called Katie hears a scream in her house . Then footsteps coming toward Katie’s bedroom.They stop. Her door starts to open . She starts to her cackling. Katie screamed as loud as she could but it didn’t work . The next morning Katie wakes up and goes into her mums room. She is not there. Then Katie runs down the stairs to the kitchen. Screaming , crying Katie shout for her mum . She starts crying .Mum ,Mum she yells.

Then 5 minutes later, Katie goes outside and takes a walk . She see’s something weird in a alleyway a boy his name was DJ .Katie turns around and DJ was gone . She walks into the alleyway and starts to hear cackling again . Katie heard screaming it was DJ . He heard the cackling to .They both ran out of the alleyway as fast as they could .

The cackling man caught them and screaming. Then silence.

Nelly the lonely Christmas tree star

One starry night in a land far away, there was a girl named maya who was competing in a Christmas tree competition and she was trying to find some ornaments for her tree. Day 1095 hi my name is Nelly and I  have learnt a lot over these years of being in this box i have learnt that they don’t just call us ornaments the call us ball balls too I have also learnt that the big star called Kaci will not stop bragging about how sparkly she is.Anyways I am on a big mission to get out of here and be on the town Christmas tree but my friend Lola says otherwise.

You might be wondering how I got here so let me tell you, one day I was on the top of an old lady’s Christmas tree and I was building up a lot of dust, I started  to feel really lonely and that was when the old lady moved house and another lady called Sarah came and started to renovate the house and thought it was weird that the Christmas tree was up in the middle of July and decided to take it down and put me up in the loft and that’s how I got here funny right ! You may be thinking you will never be able to get out of there your just one tiny star but I have been planning this idea for a very long time now and I think I have mastered the plan. I am going brain wash Sarah’s husband might sound crazy but trust me then I am going to get him to clean  out the loft, let everyone free except for kaci . Nelly that never gonna work explained Lola I told her it  will, but she was sure that she was right I STILL DONT THINK SHE IS !

2 years later , right now I am in the middle of a van being shipped to London you might be thinking your plan didn’t work right well necessarily no but  this should work to. Lily said we’re going to a thrift shop so surely I am being sold right. 3 years  later I’m still in this silly shop and I’m fed up of it I just wish my dream would  come true. 5 months later, today a very fancy looking lady came to the shop and brought Kaci WHAT HOW UNFARE! 

1 year later , I’m in a shopping bag right now somebody just brought me I didn’t really see what they looked like though oh sorry if you didn’t remember me I’m Nelly and this plan has took so long I’m worried it’s not gonna work . 1 hour later , I’m back on Sarah’s tree I mean what I went through all of this for nothing UGGH anyways bye guys thanks for coming on this journey that took a total of 9 years 5 months and a hour later . THIS IS NELLY SIGNING OUT !

The Secret Mission Of The Rats

One gloomy night,in the secret base of the rats,was a mystery that had to be solved.It was a full moon,the perfect time for solving a mystery.The boss rat never really done anything, except telling the mysteries .Questioning himself,the boss rat called the rat team,”Rat’s hat!Come here,I’ve got a mystery,you won’t believe this.” 

“A mystery? What is it?” They asked.”Well I’m not sure,it’s written in a rhyme,I’m guessing you want me to read it to you.So, it goes like this: In the oak forest this may await,but it’s must be midnight,though it’s late,this so called rat with a  fuzzy tail,has a big secret that is here to hate, but he may run far away,so be prepared,little mates.”The boss rat finished.”It’s Bobcat rat! he has a fuzzy tail,lives in the oak forest,and  acts very weirdly for a rat, if you ask me!”One rat said.”Then what are you waiting for? Go already!” exclaimed the boss rat.

Sneaking quietly, the rats began their mission.It was darker than the midnight sky, and the street was filled with grown ups carrying luggages around, those poor little rats couldn’t get through.The wind leapt towards them, over and over again.

Finally, they arrived, to the oak forest, they scurried inside shivering in fear.


Unfortunately, Bobcat spotted them, he was giving them a really weird goat stare.Bobcat shrieked.He was slowly getting further from the rats.”I don’t like unexpected visitors, ehhh!”shouted Bobcat, as he hurried out of the misty forest.

Rapidly the rats started following after.Bobcat didn’t know where he was going, but he knew he had to be quick.”The bank is my quickest option.”he thought.However on the way there, pouring rain started.The rats,  noticed that bobcat’s fur was turning ginger, and his tail was fluffier that ever!When bobcat arrived at the bank, he quickly entered, just one minute before closing time.The Rat’s hat weren’t far behind, but they had to break in the bank and make their way through security.Many came through their way: lasers all over the place, lots passwords, but nothing stopped them.Finally,they found Bobcat, who fainted, and investigated him and his ginger fur.After hours, they finished investigating and wrote everything down.They made sure bobcat was fine from the faint, and took their notes to the base.After all that investigation Bobcat was actually a  squirrel,a mad one.When the mission was finally complete, the rats had a dance party to celebrate 


The end!


The love ones

One day, a girl who is called Emily she was so pretty and she has long beautiful hair  and her age were 17 years old . She lives in Dubai with her family also  she loved singing  she was a rich  and she even worked over there . 

As she was going to work  one day she accidentally bumped her head by a man  and she said sorry to him , then  they walk away suddenly they turn over and smile at each other . On the second day they  met each other in the shop suddenly they touch the same item and then they laughed at each other. After all Emily asked James to be her friend and then they have conversations about Emily invited him on her birthday party. On the weekend  , James comes on her birthday party on her birthday she invited all her friends her birthday party was amazing and she has lots games to play and lots food and she got lots of presents . Her friend James gave her was a apple watch and she really liked it and she said she was very happy about the gift that he gave her . She said thank you for the gift then they had a friends party till late night . The next day they went to the beach and they found a cute puppy then  Emily and James  started to play the dog and then they be together .  

Next morning they  take the puppy home and then they name him  Teddy , after that Teddy goes with them to the park and then Teddy runs of and  then Emily and James were worried that Teddy was lost ,   and then  Emily and James try’s to find him  but they couldn’t. And then Emily suddenly   saw him in the forest  and then Emily tell James that look I found him’’  . Then they runs  over to him then Emily gives him lots of cuddles and then they happily go to home with Teddy. 

Abandoned village

The abandoned village in the desert in 1999. The village nobody ever dared to enter because they will get cursed for eternity.But a traveler called Bob wanted to check it out and he noticed it was abandoned.As he entered the floor boards were creaking every second and the door slammed and thunder strikes the sand to make a sand storm I was frightened it made me jump up I thought I was dead I knew as I took one step in.

I knew I was locked in. Walking up the stairs a figure Followed me making noises. Suddenly I saw fog coming out of one of the rooms and pottery falling from every direction. Looking in front of me I saw a spectre, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. All the doors slammed closed and locked behind me. A massive cold wind passing through me. I was lost forever.

 I kept running I smashed the window and I jumped out.I ran back to my house through the dark woods with leaves smacking my face from every angle but the ghosts didn’t stop following me they kept saying CoMe BaCk and giving me bad luck for ever As I went to look at the haunted village went back to the abandoned village again I stepped in I took one deep breath then sadly I had to live in the abandoned, haunted village for ever and I saw it again it was the spectre.I was frightened but I knew I couldn’t shout for help because all I know is that I’m stuck in the darn middle of the desert with nothing around me but sand and loads and loads of land. I am for evilly doomed!!!! 

But I remember I had some ghost jews to scare all the ghosts of but my bag was to fare away from me so there was a metal bar right behind me I grabbed it and though it at the spectre It went right though it I was amazed I had to run right through it.It was super duper slimy and sticky. The bag was right there I got the bag with nothing in it the ghost took it into the foggy room it was on the ground I got it into my hands the ghost were speeding at me the ghost vanished into thin air.

I was cheering.of happiness now I know why they said to me to never enter the HAUNTED VILLAGE as I was driving home I saw some slime on the back of my car as I palled up to my shed I went in and I saw a headless horseman called Norman It was chasing me Again over the whole entire house.



A world destroyer after 100 years but what happened suddenly two boys awakened to see there world destroyer with roads erupted open with vine’s larger than cars building in ruins nothing but destruction .The two boys Tom and Dan see their home town in ruins like a natural disaster happened in front of their eyes checking if someone survived the disaster that happened seeing the News on saying,”Russia radioactive lake has caused a physical living virus”.The tv cutes off Tom said”Are you thinking what I’m thinking”.

“Yes I am”said Dan they ran of to the nearest airport to find a man named Tyler saying he could take them there but at a cost to help find his family they agreed with him and flew of to Russia to only see ruins.

They landed to see it is worse than New York seeing that they had to move to find the source of this virus.They noticed the fever they get the more weird life they discover they thought that the virus was more deadly there surroundings got run closer and closer to see the cause of the virus a lake but not gust any lake it’s Lake Karachay  the most toxic and radioactive lake in the whole of Russia!How did it cause this virus though?

Could it have been caused by testing the lake and something when badly wrong perhaps?


They noticed the lake shaking violently to see a beast hand grabbing one of the abomination and bringing it down into the lake to hear screens of the abomination to see the virus growing larger than before to see more abomination coming out of the lake looking different than before?They looked stronger than originally not believing there own to eyes running in fear,frightened and horrified saying at wont.”what gusts happened!”muttering Radom thing like.”this can not be real”


“This is madness”to see a large building of in the distance?

They pushed the door open to see they’re in Russia misuse defence control shocked they tern on the light seeing it works with the control systems were online they were very confused and notensed the backup generator they knew what they had to do.They activated the misuse defence controls and launched a anti mater misuse they took cover and the misuse hit Lake Karachay and their was silence but what happened to Lake Karachay and the boys Dan and Tom?A rumble comes from lake Karachay but what is it or how is this thing?