The ostrich who wanted to be a comedian

 September 1st 3090, they lived an ostrich called Bobby. He wanted to be a fantastic legendary comedian when he was older as he was still a little chick. Bobby lived in a field with his family every single day. He was quite friendly but could peck when he was  getting angry. He  had friends called,  Nancy and bob they would do everything together. After he was waiting for ages. After some years him and his friend decided  to leave his troop and go out to and find a place to perform he had found a car ,which was a Lamborghini ,and it was a tight squeeze but they drove far.


They were vibing to some music but then they saw a sign that said “The Big Apple “ he had never heard of the big apple as well as his friends. They went through and could see all different type of animals . He remember he could fill fill his dream of being a legendary  comedian and all of his friend could do they dreams to ,as he remembers the big apple from his dad. They was a wired gate to the entrance I had only seen a grey gate but I saw a fantastic golden gate all of are eyes glistened at the gate. A man wanted to take his car he was so confused but let him take it . Everyone was wearing coulerfl out fits that sparkled in the sun light. We went in all sorts of shops and found out fits they all wore matching ones. Even though it was expensive and they said it was free to take. They went to a salon  Bobby got his feathers plucked as  his friends Nancy had her eyes done and bob got the same as bobby . They  looked amazing.

Bobby ,  nancy and bob had gone round to many places to see if they would let him in  and his friends but they would say no. He got very frustrated as it was his dream of being a comedian . “Hey Nancy do you know when we are going to find a place it is taking forever” explained  bobby. The big apple was really big but not as big as i thought it would be. He went back with is friends and had found his car that was some were creepy but his and his friends camped out in his Lamborghini for the night.

He had been practicing all night and had found someone online that would let us come to proform. He was so happy he woke up his friends and of he went back to the big apple on they way they has got into they sparkly pink out fits Nancy picked them out . He preformed his show  and became a legendary  comedian. As he step out of the room he had had a rush of people come at him. “ Nancy , bob we are famous now”shouted Bobby.


This is the end

For now