Fury Football

Today we are talking about a new amazing story. Are you ready for this masterpiece. To start off with let’s get the main characters out of the way.Tyson Fury a professional boxer who has been involved in 33 fights and has won 32 and draw 0 and lost 1 in his whole career. Cristiano Ronaldo  pro football players who is playing in the Saudi pro league for a team called Al Nassr Matches 11 Goals 12 Assists 7 Yellow cards 0. Lionel Messi another pro foot ball player who plays in the MLS for Inter Miami 6 matches 1 goal 0 assists. Let’s start the story.

Today in Miami we will be watching a football match between three people. Outside of the airport was Tyson fury  and Ronald waiting for a taxi together. In the taxi they were talking about who was going to win in the match after they arrived at there destination Messi greeted them on to the football pitch where they were going to play the match. They start of by warming up with some of their favourite exercises now the match was about to begin in the first match it was Tyson VS Messi first one to 3 goals wins Tyson scores the first two goals and then Messi scores 2 more next goal wins says Messi and Tyson scored after a while. The second match is Between Ronald VS Tyson Ronaldo win a close second game and the score ended 3-1. The Final match is between Messi and Ronald it 2-2 and then Messi slide tackles Ronald on he is on the floor. Tyson runs on the the pitch Ronald can not move his leg the call an ambulance and after a while of waiting the doctor says Ronald leg is broken on he will be on crutches for 1 month and will not be able to play football for the next 1 months on will not be able to go back to Saudi Arabia for 1 month so he will have to stay with Messi for the time being. Ronald falls asleep in the hospital bed   While Tyson is staying with Messi as well as Ronald. They are both very close friends and do not  argue anymore for now. Remember treat people how you want to be treated. BYE.