A world destroyer after 100 years but what happened suddenly two boys awakened to see there world destroyer with roads erupted open with vine’s larger than cars building in ruins nothing but destruction .The two boys Tom and Dan see their home town in ruins like a natural disaster happened in front of their eyes checking if someone survived the disaster that happened seeing the News on saying,”Russia radioactive lake has caused a physical living virus”.The tv cutes off Tom said”Are you thinking what I’m thinking”.

“Yes I am”said Dan they ran of to the nearest airport to find a man named Tyler saying he could take them there but at a cost to help find his family they agreed with him and flew of to Russia to only see ruins.

They landed to see it is worse than New York seeing that they had to move to find the source of this virus.They noticed the fever they get the more weird life they discover they thought that the virus was more deadly there surroundings got run closer and closer to see the cause of the virus a lake but not gust any lake it’s Lake Karachay  the most toxic and radioactive lake in the whole of Russia!How did it cause this virus though?

Could it have been caused by testing the lake and something when badly wrong perhaps?


They noticed the lake shaking violently to see a beast hand grabbing one of the abomination and bringing it down into the lake to hear screens of the abomination to see the virus growing larger than before to see more abomination coming out of the lake looking different than before?They looked stronger than originally not believing there own to eyes running in fear,frightened and horrified saying at wont.”what gusts happened!”muttering Radom thing like.”this can not be real”


“This is madness”to see a large building of in the distance?

They pushed the door open to see they’re in Russia misuse defence control shocked they tern on the light seeing it works with the control systems were online they were very confused and notensed the backup generator they knew what they had to do.They activated the misuse defence controls and launched a anti mater misuse they took cover and the misuse hit Lake Karachay and their was silence but what happened to Lake Karachay and the boys Dan and Tom?A rumble comes from lake Karachay but what is it or how is this thing?

Site 19

In a secret facility called site-19 there are monsters called scp’s and each one with a number, Each one in a group, safe for easy to contain, keter for difficult to contain, and Euclid is for when the scp’s behaviour can not be predicted. There are many jobs in the site but there are 3 main ones. The MTF, the most fearless fighters who contain the scp’s, the scientists, who study the scp’s, and the O-5 council, the most high ranked people in the foundation. They control everything, from the entrances to the exit. If one of them died it is as the entire world will explode.

On a normal day the scientists were just doing their job studying on SCP-682. The scp is Keter  and looks like a vaguely reptile-like creature of unknown origin. A scientist called Dr clef notices that it threatens to escape. It does it all the time so he just ignores it. Dr jack, feeling unsure decides to bring in a therapist. “What’s the matter?” The therapist asks. “You humans have contained me for years.” “What is it you want?” He replied. “I WANT TO ESCAPE YOU FOOL, DONT YOU SEE? NOTHING WILL KILL ME! YOU TRIED AND FAILED EACH TIME!” SCP-682 screamed so loud it knocked him to the over side of the room. SCP-682 then started breaking the wall and headed for the city.

Immediately 150, MTF units tried to contain him back, nothing could push him, guns, helicopters, or even missiles! A immediate lockdown happened in the city, all devices showed the following message “this is not a drill, this is not a drill. A Monster is coming toward your city. All citizens head for any shelter immediately” All scientists started trying to find out what could kill the scp. Dr clef then found out that the only thing that could destroy this SCP was Nutella. When O5-1: The Founder found out, he was immediately hit by a wave of anger. “ARE YOU JOKING? THE ENTIRE TIME IT WAS NOT TANKS, JETS, THE MTF, BUT NUTELLA!”. The entire MTF units laid down their weapons, and started throwing Nutella at the monster. Instead of rockets in the tanks, it was Nutella, instead of ammo in the guns, it was Nutella, Instead of weapons being SCP-682’s weakens, it  was instead Nutella. The SCP was fighting for its life at this point, it was 1 vs 150 with its weakness. Even though Nutella being its weakness, it still continued its fight, it took 5 helicopters, 4 tanks, 25 MTF units in only 60 seconds. It looked like SCP was about to die, but does SCP-682 go down without a fight? Of course not! Its the son of SCP 001, the most powerful SCP! What would his dad think of him? He would bring shame to its families name! He kept on taking down everything he saw, tanks, fighter jets, MTF commanders, everything! But Insted of having a peaceful death, he died in the battlefield.