The Polar Bear’s Party 🥳!

On Saturday, some chicken nuggets called Taco, Taki, Nugget got invited to a birthday party! They were at their house getting ready. They bought some matching outfits for the party but Taco’s outfit ripped as he put it on. Taco was really upset because now he couldn’t match with his siblings. 

Luckily, NUGGET exclaimed, “We could make some outfits out of leaves so that we can match!” TACO replied, “That’s a great idea NUGGET.” TAKI questioned, “How are you so good at making ideas?” NUGGET said, “ It’s because I am older. I am 6 and you are 4 days old. Well, we better go and get the leaves before we are late for her party.” TACO and TAKI exclaimed “Yay let’s go!” 

10 minutes later… They got their leaves and went back inside to make their outfits. They had a problem though! They didn’t know how to sew so they had to use glue. It was much easier for them. They also made POLA a present out of leaves. They were now finally ready to go!

After walking past buildings and even more buildings, they were finally there! They were at POLA’S house. They knocked on the door and in they went! POLA was very sad because her cake didn’t come. But LOLA, who was POLA’S little sister, said we could all make a cake together! 

An hour later… They finished the cake! They sang happy birthday to POLA and it cheered her up. For the rest of the time they played games and had fun but the chicken nuggets soon had to leave. So they gave POLA her present and left.

About half an hour later they are back at their house all snuggled up ready for bed and ready to go to sleep after the long day they had.