Diary of a fifth grader

Tuesday 7:30 am

School Photo

Back to school. Much rather be at home playing video games.

Tuesday 8:00 am

Just entered school. I forgot how horrible this place is. The bullies are guarding the entrance to school they are as sneaky as snakes! The teacher is expecting us to write a 500 word essay luckily she said we can pick what we want to write.I’m going to write about a girl who becomes a boxer and beats Tyson fury. 

Tuesday 12:00 pm

Sat alone for lunch.Ate some avocado Toast and a chocolate bar. A girl threw toast at me! Other girls are SO annoying! 

Tuesday 3:00 pm 

Just got home from school. It was a tuff day. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Wednesday 8:00 am

Back at “school” more like a prison. 

Wednesday 13:00 

“FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT” the kids were blaring.So I did. I fought the tuffest boy in school.AND WON!!!!!! I can’t believe learning to box actually paid off!

Thursday 7:00 pm

Sorry I haven’t written all day! I’ve been very busy and everyone keeps showing up at my door for a play date. I’ve been showing everyone my console and ps5 the whole afternoon!

Friday 8:00 am

Oo a text! Ima check right now! OMG a text from Tyson fury challenging me to fight! Wow my essay is really coming true now! WAIT TYSON FURY WANTS TO FIGHT ME!!!! That’s cool yet terrifying.You know what, ill think about it!

Friday 3:00 pm

“I agree to fight you Tyson” I text back. He immediately texts me back saying “ok meet me at the boxing arena (summit-ville) 8:00 pm tomorrow” 

Saturday 8:00 am

I can’t wait until 8:00 pm today! I’m so excited for it, I even invited the whole family! All I’m really doing for the rest of the day is training with my dad to be the best I can be!

Saturday 9:00 pm

THE FIGHT WAS EPIC!IT WAS SO CLOSE I CANT BELIEVE I WON!Even though i have huge amount of blood on my hands and knees it was worth it!Tomorrow I will get a check up to make sure I’m ok.

10 years later


“Oh Tyson look I found my old diary! I haven’t seen this in ages!” “Oh wow I never thought you missed your diary that much” Replied Tyson. THE END