Nelly the lonely Christmas tree star

One starry night in a land far away, there was a girl named maya who was competing in a Christmas tree competition and she was trying to find some ornaments for her tree. Day 1095 hi my name is Nelly and I  have learnt a lot over these years of being in this box i have learnt that they don’t just call us ornaments the call us ball balls too I have also learnt that the big star called Kaci will not stop bragging about how sparkly she is.Anyways I am on a big mission to get out of here and be on the town Christmas tree but my friend Lola says otherwise.

You might be wondering how I got here so let me tell you, one day I was on the top of an old lady’s Christmas tree and I was building up a lot of dust, I started  to feel really lonely and that was when the old lady moved house and another lady called Sarah came and started to renovate the house and thought it was weird that the Christmas tree was up in the middle of July and decided to take it down and put me up in the loft and that’s how I got here funny right ! You may be thinking you will never be able to get out of there your just one tiny star but I have been planning this idea for a very long time now and I think I have mastered the plan. I am going brain wash Sarah’s husband might sound crazy but trust me then I am going to get him to clean  out the loft, let everyone free except for kaci . Nelly that never gonna work explained Lola I told her it  will, but she was sure that she was right I STILL DONT THINK SHE IS !

2 years later , right now I am in the middle of a van being shipped to London you might be thinking your plan didn’t work right well necessarily no but  this should work to. Lily said we’re going to a thrift shop so surely I am being sold right. 3 years  later I’m still in this silly shop and I’m fed up of it I just wish my dream would  come true. 5 months later, today a very fancy looking lady came to the shop and brought Kaci WHAT HOW UNFARE! 

1 year later , I’m in a shopping bag right now somebody just brought me I didn’t really see what they looked like though oh sorry if you didn’t remember me I’m Nelly and this plan has took so long I’m worried it’s not gonna work . 1 hour later , I’m back on Sarah’s tree I mean what I went through all of this for nothing UGGH anyways bye guys thanks for coming on this journey that took a total of 9 years 5 months and a hour later . THIS IS NELLY SIGNING OUT !

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