Diary of a fifth grader

Tuesday 7:30 am

School Photo

Back to school. Much rather be at home playing video games.

Tuesday 8:00 am

Just entered school. I forgot how horrible this place is. The bullies are guarding the entrance to school they are as sneaky as snakes! The teacher is expecting us to write a 500 word essay luckily she said we can pick what we want to write.I’m going to write about a girl who becomes a boxer and beats Tyson fury. 

Tuesday 12:00 pm

Sat alone for lunch.Ate some avocado Toast and a chocolate bar. A girl threw toast at me! Other girls are SO annoying! 

Tuesday 3:00 pm 

Just got home from school. It was a tuff day. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Wednesday 8:00 am

Back at “school” more like a prison. 

Wednesday 13:00 

“FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT” the kids were blaring.So I did. I fought the tuffest boy in school.AND WON!!!!!! I can’t believe learning to box actually paid off!

Thursday 7:00 pm

Sorry I haven’t written all day! I’ve been very busy and everyone keeps showing up at my door for a play date. I’ve been showing everyone my console and ps5 the whole afternoon!

Friday 8:00 am

Oo a text! Ima check right now! OMG a text from Tyson fury challenging me to fight! Wow my essay is really coming true now! WAIT TYSON FURY WANTS TO FIGHT ME!!!! That’s cool yet terrifying.You know what, ill think about it!

Friday 3:00 pm

“I agree to fight you Tyson” I text back. He immediately texts me back saying “ok meet me at the boxing arena (summit-ville) 8:00 pm tomorrow” 

Saturday 8:00 am

I can’t wait until 8:00 pm today! I’m so excited for it, I even invited the whole family! All I’m really doing for the rest of the day is training with my dad to be the best I can be!

Saturday 9:00 pm

THE FIGHT WAS EPIC!IT WAS SO CLOSE I CANT BELIEVE I WON!Even though i have huge amount of blood on my hands and knees it was worth it!Tomorrow I will get a check up to make sure I’m ok.

10 years later


“Oh Tyson look I found my old diary! I haven’t seen this in ages!” “Oh wow I never thought you missed your diary that much” Replied Tyson. THE END 



Fury Football

Today we are talking about a new amazing story. Are you ready for this masterpiece. To start off with let’s get the main characters out of the way.Tyson Fury a professional boxer who has been involved in 33 fights and has won 32 and draw 0 and lost 1 in his whole career. Cristiano Ronaldo  pro football players who is playing in the Saudi pro league for a team called Al Nassr Matches 11 Goals 12 Assists 7 Yellow cards 0. Lionel Messi another pro foot ball player who plays in the MLS for Inter Miami 6 matches 1 goal 0 assists. Let’s start the story.

Today in Miami we will be watching a football match between three people. Outside of the airport was Tyson fury  and Ronald waiting for a taxi together. In the taxi they were talking about who was going to win in the match after they arrived at there destination Messi greeted them on to the football pitch where they were going to play the match. They start of by warming up with some of their favourite exercises now the match was about to begin in the first match it was Tyson VS Messi first one to 3 goals wins Tyson scores the first two goals and then Messi scores 2 more next goal wins says Messi and Tyson scored after a while. The second match is Between Ronald VS Tyson Ronaldo win a close second game and the score ended 3-1. The Final match is between Messi and Ronald it 2-2 and then Messi slide tackles Ronald on he is on the floor. Tyson runs on the the pitch Ronald can not move his leg the call an ambulance and after a while of waiting the doctor says Ronald leg is broken on he will be on crutches for 1 month and will not be able to play football for the next 1 months on will not be able to go back to Saudi Arabia for 1 month so he will have to stay with Messi for the time being. Ronald falls asleep in the hospital bed   While Tyson is staying with Messi as well as Ronald. They are both very close friends and do not  argue anymore for now. Remember treat people how you want to be treated. BYE.

Tyson Fury Camps Out

In the morning, Tyson and his family get ready to go camping. With their huge family, they pack up their camper van that is full of kids, dogs and tents. After an hour of driving, the arrive at the camp site called Sunnybright. 

Tyson began his camping adventure by collecting loads of wood to make the biggest fire! It took him half an hour to collect the right fire wood. Then he set to work building the pit fire. He stood back to look at creation and saw whispers of smoke and ashes flying. He smiled and knew it was time to start cooking. Paris, Tyson’s wife, cooked a huge meal of beans, sausage, egg and bacon. 

The family were all full up so they decided it was time to go on an adventure. They spotted woodland animals, collected more wood and paddled in the big river. Eventually the decided to go back to their camping spot. Tyson then used his axe to cut down some more trees for the fire. The Gypsy King will never be beaten on the size of his fires! With his dad’s help, the tents for the night were all ready. 

Tyson’s family sat around and sang songs, laughed and told spoooooky stories. Prince put on a comedy show and they were all laughing. The laughter could be heard all through the woods and it woke up a very grumpy bear. 

It was time for the family to get in their sleeping bags and go to sleep. But the bear was only just starting his day and he was angry and hungry. The bear, with he super sniff, could smell the leftovers of bacon and sausages. He followed the scent trail that took him to the sleeping family. 

Tyson had tossing and turning all night, fighting any sleep he needed. When suddenly, he heard the cracking of twigs and low, heavy breathing. Tyson’s heart rate rose. He froze for just a second. Ripping through the material of the tent, 4 long claws swipe at Tyson’s face. He jumped up and shouted, ‘ RAWR.’ But the loud noises didn’t scare the bear. Another swipe of claws. 

There was only one thing for it. Tyson jumped out of the tent, made himself look as big and possible and tried to fight the bear. A right hook, a left hook and a upper cut. The bear was knocked out. The Gypsy King was still unbeaten. 

As the sun rose, the rest of the family woke up. Stepping out their tent, they saw Tyson pulling the knocked out bear into the forest. The family packed up their camping gear, climbed into the car and went home.