Owen the Ostrich

There was an Ostrich named Owen.He loved the comedians on the television because he loved jokes.He was born in 2000 March 2 in Ostrich town.

One day in 2009 he watched his favourite comedians called Jack and Oliver, they were the best at the time they made the best jokes in Ostrich town and had the talent sense 2001 one year after Owen was born.He started to make his own jokes and tried to make everyone laugh but everyone dint laugh his jokes were bad.”The horse goes into the bar,the bar tender said why the long face,”Said Owen but it  wasn’t funny like the ones on TV. His dad told him to believed that he could do it and said the he could be a comedian but he needed some practice first. 

He looked on the internet to see what information he could get but it was 2009 and the only thing he had is a Nokia and an old computer that his dad had used in 2001 one year after Owen was born. After trying and trying he finally figured it out and made good jokes it he wanted to be like his favourite comedians. In 2015 when he was 15 we decided to start making fun videos whit jokes and eventually he got lots of views but in 2019 he got the job as a comedian and he finalist got his dream job at 19 years old.

In 2021 he got invited to perform in London as he was as good as his favourite comedians but he did not know that they are coming too. He parked his things and got ready to go to the airport but he didn’t like expensive tickets so he  decided to go whit Ryanair one of the cheapest air lines but had the worst landings it feels like you are bouncing up and down when it lands.The plane has arrived andOwen got on the plane he got the window seat as he always wanted to see the clouds from closer in the sky.

The servants came around to serve the food and Owen loved crisps, as he ate along the flight He started to see the UK and his excitement started to rise like a rocket going into space.

As the plane landed Owen was excited to go and perform the next day.

He got of the plane and called a taxi and went the hotel he  booked for the night.As he arrived the time was 21:12 and he was exhausted after the long journey. He got into his pyjamas and went to sleep.

The net day arrived and Owen got ready for his first performance with his favourite comedians Jack and Oliver. He got the bus to the location of we’re he was going to perform He got ready and performed all night after all of that he was happy. Never give up in your dreams and they will become true.