The cackling man

One late night , a little girl called Katie hears a scream in her house . Then footsteps coming toward Katie’s bedroom.They stop. Her door starts to open . She starts to her cackling. Katie screamed as loud as she could but it didn’t work . The next morning Katie wakes up and goes into her mums room. She is not there. Then Katie runs down the stairs to the kitchen. Screaming , crying Katie shout for her mum . She starts crying .Mum ,Mum she yells.

Then 5 minutes later, Katie goes outside and takes a walk . She see’s something weird in a alleyway a boy his name was DJ .Katie turns around and DJ was gone . She walks into the alleyway and starts to hear cackling again . Katie heard screaming it was DJ . He heard the cackling to .They both ran out of the alleyway as fast as they could .

The cackling man caught them and screaming. Then silence.

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