The love ones

One day, a girl who is called Emily she was so pretty and she has long beautiful hair  and her age were 17 years old . She lives in Dubai with her family also  she loved singing  she was a rich  and she even worked over there . 

As she was going to work  one day she accidentally bumped her head by a man  and she said sorry to him , then  they walk away suddenly they turn over and smile at each other . On the second day they  met each other in the shop suddenly they touch the same item and then they laughed at each other. After all Emily asked James to be her friend and then they have conversations about Emily invited him on her birthday party. On the weekend  , James comes on her birthday party on her birthday she invited all her friends her birthday party was amazing and she has lots games to play and lots food and she got lots of presents . Her friend James gave her was a apple watch and she really liked it and she said she was very happy about the gift that he gave her . She said thank you for the gift then they had a friends party till late night . The next day they went to the beach and they found a cute puppy then  Emily and James  started to play the dog and then they be together .  

Next morning they  take the puppy home and then they name him  Teddy , after that Teddy goes with them to the park and then Teddy runs of and  then Emily and James were worried that Teddy was lost ,   and then  Emily and James try’s to find him  but they couldn’t. And then Emily suddenly   saw him in the forest  and then Emily tell James that look I found him’’  . Then they runs  over to him then Emily gives him lots of cuddles and then they happily go to home with Teddy.