casper eats pumpkin guts

Casper eats lots of pumpkin guts,

In a land far away there was a small village Westport, and a big festival of a pumpkin carving competition.One day a man joined the carving competition he named his special pumpkin casper. But something was off about that pumpkin he look a bit hungry don’t you think. Once they announced the winner of the festival the pumpkin that the man carved came to life and started to get hungry i knew it he was hungry also lets get back to the story.All of a sudden the pumpkin wanted to eat pumpkin guts i think, casper became an evil pumpkin, everyone was scared until the man Greg’s daughter Anna-Cat called sky-man and sheriff coop will try to save everybody in the village from casper. Everyone was freaking out! Did you actually know what Casper said no-one will escape.

Screaming going left and right, sky man and sheriff coop came to save everyone but maybe not them self. “No one will escape me do you really understand if you want to save them you are going to have to go through me just letting you know i don’t mind eating bones!” Wait do you think Casper is going to eat our hero’s? “I will save them even if it costs me my life” said sheriff coop. That’s brave is it would you do that? Anyway lets get back to the story. BAMM! “NO sheriff coop no why you it should of been me” shouted sky-man! That’s the end 🙁 Just kidding. Casper ate sheriff coop well it was time he was quiet old anyways there is only sky-man left wait where is he going is he getting on a Ryan air who is going to save us now and who goes on Ryan air anyway. “Don’t worry I will save you yess me I maybe a kid but that doesn’t mean I can’t save the village my name is Anna-Cat otto I might not be able to do it myself but all together we can do it.” “ Yess we can.” said Katy Otto. “Yess we can yess.” shouted Oliver and Taylor Otto.They all thought no one can stop them but in reality less all be real there going to get eaten wether they like it or not. What a shame.

Some times there a bad ending the ottos were fighting and fighting but something bad happened really bad they got eaten yeh what a surprise after that Casper just got bored so he put himself in the blender and everyone in the village evacuated they left for good no one ever returned to the village called Westport street why you are probably wondering it’s because of the pumpkin accident. 3 years later the place was abandoned by the people who live there they all split up some went to Australia some went to United kingdom of American bora Bora, Spain even France non of them ever saw each other and definitely will never see the ottos again.