The cackling man

One late night , a little girl called Katie hears a scream in her house . Then footsteps coming toward Katie’s bedroom.They stop. Her door starts to open . She starts to her cackling. Katie screamed as loud as she could but it didn’t work . The next morning Katie wakes up and goes into her mums room. She is not there. Then Katie runs down the stairs to the kitchen. Screaming , crying Katie shout for her mum . She starts crying .Mum ,Mum she yells.

Then 5 minutes later, Katie goes outside and takes a walk . She see’s something weird in a alleyway a boy his name was DJ .Katie turns around and DJ was gone . She walks into the alleyway and starts to hear cackling again . Katie heard screaming it was DJ . He heard the cackling to .They both ran out of the alleyway as fast as they could .

The cackling man caught them and screaming. Then silence.

The life of a four year older

After a long day at school, Henry sits on the sofa, grabs his iPad and a bag of crisps and binges from 3:32 to 7:56. However, 8 pm is his bedtime, his mum is already asleep but she left a note about what to do,”My son, turn the kitchen and living room lights off, take your iPad upstairs and put it on charge; and promise me you won’t watch that YouTube all night!” So he follows these steps, he turned the kitchen lights off, he prepares himself for what to come. Even the thought of the dark was giving him goosebumps. As fast as he could, he turns off the living room light, he runs up the stairs, he feels breathing against his neck. Blasting through the door, he sprung into bed and put his iPad on charge and hides under his covers, he has survived another night. He, after a good night’s sleep, wakes up and eats breakfast in his bed for doing everything thing right last night, brushed his teeth and got dressed for school and went to school at 8:23, Henry walks to school and had a great day. He goes home, plays with his friends, but this time, he learnt his lesson and turned all the lights off at 7:00 and was laying in his bed early. So, moral of the of the story, go to bed early before it is too late…

Hospital of Terror

Hunny buns was driving down the long long road and he sees a abandoned hospital . He sees a creature but he never thought nothing of it so he palled in to the hospital’s parking lot and he got out of his car with his flash light.  He twisted the front of his flash light and the light was brighter. So he can see more of the hospital and he sees lot of broken glass and foot steps in the mud so he thinks that over people have been here to explore the hospital but he never know that is was the creature that he saw in there when he was driving so he walked in to the hospital and he saw more muddy foot steps he checks out the bottom part of the hospital but he finds nothing just a bunch of bed and loads of steps then he goes up stairs.  he finds more steps he looks in more of the rooms and his last room that he was going to look in  and he finds a body.

Hunny buns 15 year old boy nice

Jack skeleton opens his mouth wide  

The body disappears when he turns around then he goes to look everywhere but there was nothing in all of the room .he goes to leave but as soon as he goes down the stairs he sees something really fast run by so he looking in the direction that the creature ran so he look and he sees a skeleton with his mouth out wide and chases hunny buns at a really fast pace so hunny buns jumped up all the stairs but he trips up on one of the steps and he cuts his self from a bit of glass but he gets up and runs even though he cut his self really bad so he runs in to one of the rooms and hides under.  jack skeleton goes in to the room the hunny buns ran in to and hunny buns slowed down his breathing so jack did not know. he stays and still as he can then jack skeleton left but he thought that he was not safe yet so he stays there for 1 hour until he thinks he is safe then he gets out from under the bed. he goes to check if he is safe he goes down to the bottom floor and he feels something behind him so he looks behind and there is nothing and gets captured from jack skeleton and he wakes up in a chair and jack skeleton has a mechanic that can kill people’s within 30 minutes when jack turns the machine on and hunny buns try’s to get out of it and he get out really easy cuz the mettle was really rusty he gets out and runs  faster then he ever have so he runs up stairs and he finders him self stuck on top of the hospital so he knows that he has haybails in his car so he jumps in to his car and lands on the haybails.