The cackling man

One late night , a little girl called Katie hears a scream in her house . Then footsteps coming toward Katie’s bedroom.They stop. Her door starts to open . She starts to her cackling. Katie screamed as loud as she could but it didn’t work . The next morning Katie wakes up and goes into her mums room. She is not there. Then Katie runs down the stairs to the kitchen. Screaming , crying Katie shout for her mum . She starts crying .Mum ,Mum she yells.

Then 5 minutes later, Katie goes outside and takes a walk . She see’s something weird in a alleyway a boy his name was DJ .Katie turns around and DJ was gone . She walks into the alleyway and starts to hear cackling again . Katie heard screaming it was DJ . He heard the cackling to .They both ran out of the alleyway as fast as they could .

The cackling man caught them and screaming. Then silence.

The Secret Mission Of The Rats

One gloomy night,in the secret base of the rats,was a mystery that had to be solved.It was a full moon,the perfect time for solving a mystery.The boss rat never really done anything, except telling the mysteries .Questioning himself,the boss rat called the rat team,”Rat’s hat!Come here,I’ve got a mystery,you won’t believe this.” 

“A mystery? What is it?” They asked.”Well I’m not sure,it’s written in a rhyme,I’m guessing you want me to read it to you.So, it goes like this: In the oak forest this may await,but it’s must be midnight,though it’s late,this so called rat with a  fuzzy tail,has a big secret that is here to hate, but he may run far away,so be prepared,little mates.”The boss rat finished.”It’s Bobcat rat! he has a fuzzy tail,lives in the oak forest,and  acts very weirdly for a rat, if you ask me!”One rat said.”Then what are you waiting for? Go already!” exclaimed the boss rat.

Sneaking quietly, the rats began their mission.It was darker than the midnight sky, and the street was filled with grown ups carrying luggages around, those poor little rats couldn’t get through.The wind leapt towards them, over and over again.

Finally, they arrived, to the oak forest, they scurried inside shivering in fear.


Unfortunately, Bobcat spotted them, he was giving them a really weird goat stare.Bobcat shrieked.He was slowly getting further from the rats.”I don’t like unexpected visitors, ehhh!”shouted Bobcat, as he hurried out of the misty forest.

Rapidly the rats started following after.Bobcat didn’t know where he was going, but he knew he had to be quick.”The bank is my quickest option.”he thought.However on the way there, pouring rain started.The rats,  noticed that bobcat’s fur was turning ginger, and his tail was fluffier that ever!When bobcat arrived at the bank, he quickly entered, just one minute before closing time.The Rat’s hat weren’t far behind, but they had to break in the bank and make their way through security.Many came through their way: lasers all over the place, lots passwords, but nothing stopped them.Finally,they found Bobcat, who fainted, and investigated him and his ginger fur.After hours, they finished investigating and wrote everything down.They made sure bobcat was fine from the faint, and took their notes to the base.After all that investigation Bobcat was actually a  squirrel,a mad one.When the mission was finally complete, the rats had a dance party to celebrate 


The end!



A world destroyer after 100 years but what happened suddenly two boys awakened to see there world destroyer with roads erupted open with vine’s larger than cars building in ruins nothing but destruction .The two boys Tom and Dan see their home town in ruins like a natural disaster happened in front of their eyes checking if someone survived the disaster that happened seeing the News on saying,”Russia radioactive lake has caused a physical living virus”.The tv cutes off Tom said”Are you thinking what I’m thinking”.

“Yes I am”said Dan they ran of to the nearest airport to find a man named Tyler saying he could take them there but at a cost to help find his family they agreed with him and flew of to Russia to only see ruins.

They landed to see it is worse than New York seeing that they had to move to find the source of this virus.They noticed the fever they get the more weird life they discover they thought that the virus was more deadly there surroundings got run closer and closer to see the cause of the virus a lake but not gust any lake it’s Lake Karachay  the most toxic and radioactive lake in the whole of Russia!How did it cause this virus though?

Could it have been caused by testing the lake and something when badly wrong perhaps?


They noticed the lake shaking violently to see a beast hand grabbing one of the abomination and bringing it down into the lake to hear screens of the abomination to see the virus growing larger than before to see more abomination coming out of the lake looking different than before?They looked stronger than originally not believing there own to eyes running in fear,frightened and horrified saying at wont.”what gusts happened!”muttering Radom thing like.”this can not be real”


“This is madness”to see a large building of in the distance?

They pushed the door open to see they’re in Russia misuse defence control shocked they tern on the light seeing it works with the control systems were online they were very confused and notensed the backup generator they knew what they had to do.They activated the misuse defence controls and launched a anti mater misuse they took cover and the misuse hit Lake Karachay and their was silence but what happened to Lake Karachay and the boys Dan and Tom?A rumble comes from lake Karachay but what is it or how is this thing?

Willow’s shooting star!

On a rainy evening, Willow and her teddy – Ted – were sitting on her bed looking out the dull window. Her bedroom only had a bed ,wardrobe and a creaky and dusty door. She had no friends, only her best friend Ted. Her parents were quite poor and didn’t have a lot of money. Willow decided she should go to bed but then, ZOOM ……. what was that, willow asked Ted? She ran up to the Window looking left to right and saw nothing. She immediately ran downstairs and grabbed her coat and sprinted back up the stairs into her small and claustrophobic room. She climbed out the old Window with her green and dotted coat on.

She saw a pipe she can slide down. WEEEEEEE! Far into the distance she saw this shining dot in the sky. She ran as fast as she could following the star…. oof. What happened? Willow looked behind her and saw her foot on top of a thick brown branch. She stood back up to see if she could still see that shining star but saw nothing.. She couldn’t believe it. When she stood up, on her knees she had mud and grass on them. She soon realised that she was in the middle of nowhere. Well actually she was in this dark DARK forest. She was lost. Shaky and dizzy, she slowly walked forward hoping she would find something or someone that could help her.

She had no luck until.. she saw two red shining circles in the distance. She walked up to it with hope that it could be something! One more step… oh. It was a black cat, covered in mud. Willow asked “are you ok little guy? What are you doing out here?” The cat purred and stroked his head against willow’s leg. Willow decided to take him home, if she will ever get home. Willow felt slight depression and felt she was never going to be able to get back home. At least she has the black cat. This one time Willow doesn’t have Ted with her. She was too busy seeing what that shining thing in the sky was. Willow soon thought where did I come from? She realised that she has to run back. She ran like a lion catching his prey. The black cat followed her.

Eventually, she ended up with purple and black really tall buildings. She recognised this place. She always walks past this way to get to school and back. She ran to the on this bumpy path with the black cat next to her. She found her HOUSE!  She felt so much relief. She climbed back into her room. TED! She ran up to Ted and hugged him the tightest ever! “I’m so glad to be home” Willow exclaimed! She walked downstairs to see if her parents were still awake. MUM , DAD, look we have a new CAT! We can name him, hmmmm JIM! She got into bed with Jim and Ted! Goodnight!